100% working torrent sites

Now guys we all know about torrents. They are an effective way to download all your favourite contents for free.

In this post I have compiled the list of working torrent sites which are not banned till now by government agencies.

First of all let me tell you that torrenting ain’t a rocket science. Anybody can do it. But  if you are a begineer then download the u torrent app from google play store or any other client for downloading torrents.

Download u torrent

Now you have a client to download torrents let’s get started.


This torrent site is probably the best site to download latest Hollywood flicks. It claims to be the original YIFY which was banned years ago.Whatever!!!!

Whether it is original legendary YIFY site or not it still is considerably good enough.So browse it and enjoy downloading.


This is another good torrent site which is a one stop destination for all your favourite shows like walking dead, game of thrones, big bang theory and many more.

You can download all seasons of your favourite show,games,softwares,movies,anime and books too.

3.The pirate bay

This site deserves no.1 spot but due government agencies which claim it to be illegal the site has to face numerous bans in different countries.

But you can browse it as it has large amount of content like movies, games, softwares and books. 

I have provided the proxy pirate bay in case original has been blocked by government.


Another good site to download your favourite TV shows and movies.

Simple UI is a plus point with TV shows added everyday.


You will get wide range of shows like arrow,flash,mr robot,walking dead,the big bang theory,the 100,sherlock and many more.

PS:-Now friends before I end this post I would like to tell you that torrents aren’t 100% safe.They use peer to peer protocol so there are chances that you are being tracked .But it doesn’t mean that you stop using it. You can use it at your own risk (:P Every free thing comes at a risk).

Now if you are someone like deep pocket stud you can use the legal paid services like Netflix,hulu and amazon prime.

These are paid sites which offer free 1st month.

Enjoy and keep supporting.

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