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Why Indian engineers are unemployed?

This is a critical question that every engineer seeks an answer. Stick until the end and you might know the answer and probably avoid falling into that category!!!

“India is one of the largest producers of engineers in the world.Yet the quality of engineering is so poor that only 7-8% of engineering graduates are employable”.

The above excerpt from Wikipedia says it all about our stagnant condition.

India produces more than 1.5 million engineers every year which is more than the engineers produced by USA and China combined. The total engineering colleges in India boasts a whopping number of more than 3500 colleges and the number is increasing rapidly every year.

But employment rates were just 4-8% in the software industry with an overall average of 14 %.

What makes a student opt for engineering?

Despite negative statistics and high unemployment rates Indian student live in an illusion that :

After the become engineers they will work in swanky air-conditioned offices, drive lambos , live in luxurious penthouses, fly in business class every weekend and what not. But the bitter truth is that most students find it very difficult to find a decent opening which can sustain their basic needs. I mean boy! Your dad puts lakhs of money into your course, you write assignments like donkeys, run behind your teacher to get it signed like mad dogs and what you get at last?

Alas! God dammit you get nothing.

Nothing really and I mean it.

Most teachers in engineering colleges will convict students like ” Hey look punks today is the test of what I taught yesterday!! If you get suppose 2/10 you donkeys will write the whole test for


And 8*2=16 times!!!

What a great logic!!! Fuck it

I ask what is the fuckin outcome of this shit?

” Listen donkeys you punks might think that what you will get after writing this punishment? You will feel more improved after writing the punishment” This would be the nasty reply of the teacher.

I honestly doubt this theory.Can you transform a donkey into a horse?

Even I didn’t feel any improvement in writing test punishment for hours( Most of you would agree with me).It just made my hand numb and my ears deaf ( I listen to  Eminem while writing punishment at full bass:P)

Absolutely not !! It will not serve  any purpose except making our father say ” Hey look our child is working so hard”

Now talking serious, the students are so chained in clerical and theoretical work that they hardly get time and the push to go beyond the books.


We are yet to break the shackles of British education system. The Britishers introduced English in India just because they can easily communicate with us.They created a system which would produce clerks and translators. Their ultimate goal to educate Indians was to use them as slaves.
After so many years of independence, we are following the same lead.We, engineers, are master at mugging up and puking everything on exam sheets.

Now the question arises:

1. Why is syllabus nostalgia of products and methods?

2. Why does student memories long answers when the industry demands skill and not even remotely concerned with power to memorize?

To keep you going let us look at the story

“A rich father was very happy as his son completed his degree in computer science that too with a gold medal. Therefore he was proud and overwhelmed that he decided to throw a party at his house. He invited all his family members and friends.

Party began. There was music, drinks, foods and what not.The mood was all set but suddenly the music stopped.Everyone started looking at the DJ.” Ahh fuck man, my lappie went down again. The son of a bitch”. Mom said ” Hey call someone to repair it.The show must go on”

The proud father who was drunk a bit said ” Why should we call someone.My son is a computer engineer and that too gold medalist.He will get it fixed in a blink of a second”

The son replied ” Father they didn’t teach us this at the college”

Palm slap moment!!! (:P Universal truth in India)

What is the solution?

Readers, it would be a sheer injustice to pin the responsibility of this on just one set of stakeholders. It is our “collective responsibility” to get this problem solved.

“Success has many fathers, failure has none”

We take pride to celebrate the accomplishment of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadela and many Indians which made us proud.But we forget the plight of millions of engineers who are still unemployed.

We cannot make the system as a culprit every time.Our system is vague, disgrace, vain but it can be improved by collective efforts of teacher and students.

There are egoistic teachers who are not willing to teach and there are some who lack skills. Some professors of tier 2,3 colleges don’t even have a proper grasp on English (such freaks should be banished 😛 Imfao)

Enough of bitching about teachers. Now students of engineering also lack discipline and dedication.

Tell them that tomorrow’s test is canceled. They will stop studying immediately. This is not acceptable in the industry because no employer has the patience to ensure that there is always a carrot on the stick to keep you focussed ( You are humans, Not bunnies Lmfao)

PS:- Now let me conclude the whole shit.

” The race is not the supply vs demand instead its quality vs demand. Rest is discarded”

This world is so vast that you will be lost and beaten down by everybody in its infinite wilderness.

If you want to transform yourself then dedication, discipline, and determination are the 3’Ds to be successful.

Now if you are still reading go work hard boy! I have thrown a lot of inspiration towards you for today!!!

Let me know if you caught it…below in the comments.


This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

19 thoughts on “Why Indian engineers are unemployed?

  1. Great writing! Made all the points succinctly and made me laugh, so for sure I will remember. I know an English fellow working hard to change that educational system back in England as it’s having the same effect there. In the US we can’t even get the students into the IT curriculum at all, they are so used to watered down learning, they won’t take a hard course unless they are exceptional in some way. Then they complain when unemployed Indians come here to work. I never know whether to laugh or cry.

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