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Three Days Quote Challenge ||Day two



I love this quote because here he’s talking about confirmation slant, which is the tragic routine concerning getting a handle on verification that supports your cherished feelings and dismissing evidence conflicting with them.


In uncommon structures, people will recognize to a great degree low-quality affirmation and even exaggerate its essentialness in order to help their theories.


How does this quote identify with mine and your’s life?


I’m retelling this unusual and humorous story on account of how relatable it is.


“I will wake up at 4:00 Am.”


“Then I will workout till 6:00 Am”


“I will study 4 hours daily.”


In reality :

“It’s too relaxing in bed…Let me start this tomorrow”

But Alas, that tomorrow never comes.


My point is that, for reasons unknown, we have frameworks set up which shield our inner selves from hurt. They go about as cushions for frailties we haven’t confronted yet.


Nearly everyone has a flawless children’s story put away in their psyches about their identity.


About their endless battle to make it on the planet or how notwithstanding all the opposing and dubious individuals throughout their life, they’ve made it this far.


Likewise, a serial killer trusts he’s doing God’s work — our inner selves create lovely accounts to shield ourselves from our own bad behaviours.

Few questions :

Is the world truly against you? Or you are not tolerating its assistance?

Is everybody around you a dickhead? Or on the other hand is it you?


I trust it’s beginning to end up clear that it is so natural to trick or fool yourself.

In my opinion, disclosing to yourself these captivating stories prevents you from learning and making strides.

This is only the way you are and there’s nothing you can do about it. It keeps your development as an individual and keeps you secure your very own pen mind — your possess story, shutting out the valuable input wherever in your condition.


In any case, being honest with yourself is hard, and I really mean it. But, Is it attainable? Indeed, we won’t not have the capacity to totally be as a general rule with ourselves yet there’s legitimacy in going for it. At whatever point a candidly charged occasion happens, it’s savvy to ask yourself what truly happened.


Your underlying response could be a resistance system. Or then again it won’t be. Whatever it is, self-reflection is critical in the event that you need to be grounded in actuality.


My nominations :


Ankit Thapa


Thanks for reading…….



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      1. i read and wrote it 😑 although I think i was learning some kind of philosophy at that time. it was all so positive and chill. those old days…i want them back! i used to be so enthusiastic about blogging

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      2. Huh, these days you’re being so lazy. I think you should make a schedule for every day and devote some time to blogging every day. :/ Warna you’ll just keep procrastinating forever.


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