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Keep going

….and remember : Don’t do anything that requires you to be someone you are not.



Abhishek is a student of computer science engineering. He creates poetry, quotes and short articles on a variety of topics.

9 thoughts on “Keep going

  1. Finally something worth considering and meaningful. Something really practical. I remember a play that was put up when I was in school about how success is not permenent and we need to keep our efforts constant to let our success prevail longer and personal forever(s). You inspire me so much at the perfect time I need it πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah it really is something. Success is temporary and same is the case will failure. We need to keep us engaged with the work and it will pay not necessarily today, but someday in distant future for sure.
      Glad it helped you.
      You inspire us all😊
      Have a good day


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