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World’s a Playground

Ps : How was your day? Also, reply the last song you played.πŸ€˜πŸ˜‡



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47 thoughts on “World’s a Playground

      1. Yeah, I agree. His songs were really relatable though. Numb and Heavy are just too favorites. I feel like he was really crying out for help in a way and telling the world about his pain

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      2. I get you. Linkin Park was actually one of the reasons why I started liking metal and started playing guitar in the first place. His songs made me feel like I wasn’t alone and they always seemed to resonate with me. I hope he’s in a better place

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      3. Yeah, I play three other instruments too, actuallyπŸ˜‚ But I started playing acoustic guitar a few months ago and I’m getting an electric guitar as a present for my sixteenth birthday soon. I’m really excited because I’ve always wanted to play those cool riffs and all my favorite songs in the metal style! Definitely learn it if you want to. I’ve had a great experience with it so far. Hope you learn it soon though!πŸ˜„


      1. I know right! His voice and the lyrics are just amazing!
        That’s great to hear. Did something specific make you happy? (Like all the new songs you’re hearing) πŸ™ˆ

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  1. My day was fine! Hope yours was too:) also the last song I played was Bloodsport by Raleigh Ritchie.
    I wonder how sharp your mind is to write such a deep quote, because maybe it’s deeper then what I am reading. Maybe the world is a playground but of a game that has norms, it always had since the beginning of Big Bang what I assume. The game is surreal and played independently but everything controls everything. Maybe we are surviving, just surviving but for the purpose of picking up old days and experimenting but then what is there exactly to do? (other then getting abandoned in space). True it is that why should we become the flowed norm and the flooded norms around us like a sea of tsunami but creation is the answer. It’s hard for me to let my world be a playground because that word is heavy to use for me and feels like a ragged doll on the ground being picked up. Consider, the world a sea of floating people drinking saline water and sea products to survive(norm- making it just as unproductive) and one of them builds a boat out of dead bodies to touch an island nearby! Do you and I call it productive?
    So what exactly is the world a playground or the sea? What is the ground reality first?

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    1. Loved that song! Never heard it before..It’s sung by the grey worm from GOTπŸ˜‚ ..a great discovery,never knew he can sing so well!
      Well, taking about the quote, I think you’re really profound in understanding thoughts and putting forward your deep insight, which turns out to be very helpful for me in understanding this world with it’s complex complexion.
      Honestly speaking, I was playing this game called PUBG- an online multi-player battle royale game when this quote striked me. πŸ˜‚ Look i used the game’s wallpaper too!
      But, hey you got it so right and took it too a whole great level. Your notion about the world being a sea do makes sense too. Calling that boat thing you mentioned productive might be true but I’ll call such endevour out- of -the box thinking. I would call you productive if you reflect on how well you stayed focused, how much you stuck to your plan, how accurate your schedule timing was.
      In short you’re great πŸ˜‚- i believe that


      1. Wow! Now I didn’t know that but I can certainly why it was sung by him now!!
        Your insights about me makes my day, really and fills me with goodness about me! Also it compells me to know what a beautiful person you are. I wouldnt be so deep if it weren’t your warm, welcoming quotes everyday that makes my wander to good places like it does now. So Thankyou!
        Yeah I know about that game, many of the people I know recommended me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I am too lazy to work my brain for video games. But I can certainly relate how quotes can strike your mind with things happening around you. That clash of external motion and the unconcious mind drives a thud with a quote!
        Sea was just an idea. I would be kind of lost in your quote if it weren’t for the sea😁.
        You must be a man of high principles and I respect everything you say! Keep writing and Thankyou for your sweet time replying me! (too long)


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