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My motivation

Hey friends. I’m sure you all are excited for weekends and you must have got plans to spend it in a productive and of course, a relaxing way.

Today, I’ll be sharing a note written by me to myself. I start my day by reading it out (not loud:P)

Here it goes then,

Abhishek Pathania , meet Abhishek pathania –an important, a really important person. Abhi , you’re a big thinker, so think big. Think Big about Everything. You’ve got plenty of ability to do a
first-class job, so do a first-class job.
Abhi , you believe in Happiness, Progress, and Prosperity.
So: talk only Happiness,
talk only Progress,
talk only Prosperity.
You have lots of drive, Abhi, lots of drive.

So put that drive to work. nothing can stop you, Abhi,
Abhi , you’re enthusiastic. Let your enthusiasm show
You look good, Abhi, and you feel good. Stay that way.
Abhishek pathania , you were a great fellow yesterday and you’re
going to be an even greater fellow today. Now go to it,
Abhi. Go forward.

I hope you liked it. Well, it helps me getting started everyday at least 😇

May be you should try it yourself by replacing my name with yours 😂

…and let me know if you also start your day with something similar in comments section! 🙃