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Few words of wisdom

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” — Bruce Lee

Buddha said: “If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.”

Strive for progress, not perfection


Remember that everything about you is thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Most advice is useless. It pleases the provider more than the receiver. It’s created based on one’s expectations, not on understanding others.

The best advice is in the eye of the beholder. Not in yours.

Have a great day😊

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Keep it simple!

Complications only exist to the degree we put them on ourselves. We always have to remember where we are coming from and stay present, not throwing our concentration off some place hopeless or unattainable. All that is true is what we actually do, the action we take. Success should happen naturally when we are exploiting every part of who we are, it should not be the seed of our doubts and hesitations.👼

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The Blogger Recognition Award || The Liebster award

Hey, amazing people! Hope you’re doing great.

Let me start this post by thanking kkatch22 who nominating me for this Blogger RECOGNITION award…

She thought me capable enough to have the same and so, I am accepting it with utmost gratitude and love… I’d like to mention how honored I feel for having received it from such an amazing person

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

Apart from these rules nominees can share a funny story of their childhood (Just a special request)

How it all started

I started this blog to inspire, motivate and bring a little happiness in the lives of people. There’s so much hatred, impatience, and anxiety in this world, which turns out to be the main reason for tumbling relations, ill mental conditions and the state of depressions.
I myself believe in non-violence, friendship, peace, and positive thinking, so I try to impart those feelings towards you through my posts.

Thanks for reading my posts. You guys really mean so much too me.

Little advice to new bloggers :-

1. Write what you feel and love. This is really important if you want to write regularly without loosing motivation.

2. Interact with the lovely WordPress community. They are some of the finest human beings on this planet, so check out their vivid imaginations and dive deep into their fairly world full of artistic thoughts and striking cogitation.

Don’t forget to comment on fellow blogger’s post if you really loved it. This will encourage him/her, and in return you might even get a loyal follower. But remember, don’t just go on liking and following someone’s post just to gain followers. This might help you gain some followers in a short run but that would be just mere numbers. To get some regular and loyal followers, you need to interact, and spend time reading their stuff. At last WP will really help to grow as a person and you’ll cherish your time spent here.

I would like to nominate :

Hardip : He writes book reviews in entertaining and lucid ways. I love his blog.

Katherine : She’s from Romania and writes what she feels everyday, in English as well as Romanian. Puts in lots of hard work.

Zarbakht : She’s is just awesome. Visit her blog once and you’ll believe me. You will not be able to escape her magical charm.

The Liebster Award

Wow! I feel extremely elated on being nominated for a Liebster award.

Thanks to the amazing csprasath for awarding me with the honor. Check out his blog. He writes about his travel tales across India and I bet his travel diaries will keep you mesmerized till the end.

Here are the rules :-

11 Random facts about myself

1. In my early teenage years I used to get angry on little things and even used to beat my younger brother just for fun when mom and dad were not home. Haha… But now I’m a completely a different person. I’ve changed my behavior to a calm and cool guy who never gets angry. I love living like a monk.

2. I prefer handmade food rather than the junk food.

3. I’m obsessed with Linkin Park and Coldplay. Their music heals my soul and cleanse the brain.

4. I’m highly competitive and I hate loosing.

5. I make friends fast and mingle with them quickly.

6. I like working hard and have various ambitions for my future.

7. Experimenting with things is my favorite hobby. I love bending rules, taking new routes and thinking smart solutions to the day life problems.

8. I love programming and hate writing useless college assignments.

9. I’m a big fan of MCU, GOT and Harry Potter.

10. Sometimes I procrastinate and this, I believe, is my biggest weakness. I’m continuously trying to fix that by making little efforts everyday.

11. I respect a human being on basis of his or her personality and behavior. I don’t care about their religion, colour, caste or ethnicity. I remember an incidence of around 5 years ago. After 10th class board exams, I went on a long vacation to my hometown in North India. It somehow got stretched so long that when I came back to the city where I live, I found that the admissions to class 11th CBSE( it’s center board for secondary education in India) were full in almost all the schools. Even after scoring 92% in 10th board I was running to get admission. Everywhere I went I found “admissions closed” banner. I was hopeless and thought what should I do next. Admissions to regional board schools were still open but I had to go for CBSE. There was still one school which was letting in students for 11th Science CBSE. It had good infrastructure and quality education but the problem with it was that it was being run my a Muslim trust based in London. So 99.9% students studying there were Muslims and I belong to a Hindu family . My friends and family asked me if I’ll be able to cope up with the new environment among different people, after I decided to get a admission there. I said let’s see, what will they do to me, after all they are humans too. Still in my heart I was little anxious about what will happen next. I gave the entrance exam followed by three interviews to get an admission . The first two interviews were about my subject knowledge of Science and Mathematics. The final one was just a casual conversation with the principal who asked me questions, aiming to test my GK and aptitude. It went all well and at last she congratulated me and said” Abhishek ,I’m really really impressed by your knowledge. How did you manage studies and reading extra stuff? “I said ” Ma’am I read lots of novels and newspapers. It is my hobby and I like to keep myself updated of my surroundings “. So after all that, finally I was admitted. Then the day came when I went to school. The school bus was full as I entered it. I sat on a seat and didn’t talked to anyone. Then after reaching the school, I entered the class. The class was almost full with boys and girls with their traditional Muslim scarf on their head. I was reluctant at first but a boy named Fahad saw me and invited me to join his group. I went ahead and said hello and they all came and shook hands with me showing a kind gesture. I felt elated. Then I told them how I got admitted in this school and they were happy to know that I was probably first Hindu boy in their school. They all were so kind and pure hearted that I made friends with them in a couple of days. I was very comfortable and enjoyed their company. On Fridays there used to be a function in school assembly hall where their special teacher used to address the whole school and tell us about Islamic culture. I came to know several good things about Islam and cherished my time listening to their spiritual talks. We used to play football, basketball in the summers and when weather was harsh we used to go down in the basement playing chess, cards and sometimes a little workout in the gym. I loved their good habits like sitting down while drinking water, praying everyday to pay their gratitude to the god. Then they had Rozas during Ramadan which marks as a spiritual month for Muslims. They used to be so enthusiastic even after remaining without food and water the whole day. I would ask them how they manage to spend whole day without water and food, they would tell me passionately about how they were made to practice this from an age of 10. “You know it is really important to keep a balance between worship and That’s what this month teaches us.”, they would say with pride. Another guy told me that Allah gives them Barkaat(blessing) and forgives their sins in this holy month.

Overall my journey of 2 years in that school was like a roller coaster ride. I came to know about a wonderful religion, met new people and had a jolly life changing experience . I still cherish those days. Now I’m in the final year of college, and still in touch with them through WhatsApp group. That 2 years taught me that it’s not that a particular religion is at fault but it’s the mentality of some retarded people who on the name of religion fulfill their eccentric desires. You can choose to be a good human irrespective of your religion or caste.

Here are answers to csprasath’s questions

Q: Why did you decide to start blogging ?

A: I started blogging for fun, to inspire and stay motivated myself.

Q: How did you pick your blog name ?

A:It just occurred to me one day.

Q: Describe yourself in 3 words ?

A: Cool Calm Composed.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world ? Where would it be ?

A: I would like to live at my natives in North India, surrounded by mountains and rivers

Q: What is your favorite Season ? Why ?

A: I like winter. I love cool weather and food of winter.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 2 years ?

A: I want to pursue a master’s degree in computer science.

Q: Given a chance for Time travel , What would you change when you go back in Time ?

A: I would not risk this thing as it may lead to a grandfather paradox and might lead to my disappearance from this world. I wanna live.

Q: who is your real-life hero ?

A: My mom.

Q: What type of music do you like ? Why ?

A: I like rock, pop, rap and jazz sometimes.

Q: What is your thought process of heaven & hell ?

A: A good person lives a lavish life in heaven and bad finds himself in hell after the death.

Q :Most challenging thing about Blogging.

A: Consistency and appealing content attracts a reader. So, sometimes it’s challenging to write such stuff.

I would like to nominate :

Ana She love lots of chocolate and writing poems.

Firefly : She writes to find her soul. Her work will lighten up your mood. Firefly will make you laugh.

PragalbhaDoshi : A blog where the essence of life experiences rhymes into poems, or flows in prose! You’ll feel a positive aroma in her words.

Mvadi : A rock star blogger who loves playing guitar and writing heart touching poems.

Idealideas : A blogger with deep and meaningful insight

AninditaBose : A contemplative blogger.

Thank you for reading… Hope you enjoyed it!

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A withering sun

Venturing outside

Out of the blue

I see the World once more

Nothing takes off

The nook of change

A maneuver so valuable as

The opening of eyes, as

Sharp as a stormy rain,

Also, in the West

The Sun breaks up into the ocean.

First star shows its light

Beaming into emptiness

An ordinary Sunday comes to an end.

emptiness echoes and light flickers

filling out a blackened soul.

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Crack of dawn

At midnights I wait

Wait for something apparent

Till I realize

That’s not what I want

So I refocus

I listen to the silence

To the wonderful loving silence

As the murky night engulfs

The skyline

Full in itself

And I realize the wait

Was for its appreciation

Calling attention to itself

Calling out for laud

And unequir admiration

As hours pass by pondering

In the stillness of dawn

I hear the sounds from within

Echos of silence, of existence

Of infinity, of love

On the edge of a new day

I hear the call

I feel the urge of renascence

Of growth, of life

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Ray of hope

Murkiness would fall sick and hope would step in

Beginning of recuperation and mending would gladden

This fire will light up another way

Spirits will start to support the brain

Hopelessness transforms into serenity

Light is essential forever and now life has new significance

My soul is alive, again!

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I’m a country boy

I grew up overshadowed by wild rivers

Couldn’t catch the eye of no city girl

Here I am devoted to her
How I love the way she looks in her ripped jeans
Can’t believe I let the smog cloud my eye

Where the wild jungle stand
And the icy cliffs surround
I’ll ride my battered truck with you by my side

There’s a whisper in the breeze
Reminding me of countryside
That whisper builds
That whisper cries
Countryside in the morning skies

You appear on the horizon
Brushing that wavy hair from your eyes

The city folk with their fancy gadgets
Cement rivers like grey tombs
Don’t have nothin’ on our way of life
Just listen to the crickets

Don’t live your life like a cheat
Today might feel the time to be like a cheat
But that ain’t no way to lead a life

You know, there’s a lot I drive by in my battered truck
Folk who is messing up
Always stay honest, love
Always stay honest

When I was a child
I met an honest man
“How can you be so honest ?” asked I

Here was his wise reply

Don’t live your life like a cheat
Today might feel the time to be like a cheat
But that ain’t no way to lead a life

Met an old lady who lived like a cheat
“What happened to her?” asked I
Here was his wise reprise

Don’t live your life like a cheat
Today might feel the time to be like a cheat
But that ain’t no way to lead a life

That lady’s gone now
It’s sad really
Word is, she had wavy hair once

Honey, keep your jeans ripped
But always stay honest, love
Always stay honest

Crickets, crickets, crickets
Crickets, crickets, crickets…

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You never learn

In search of true love you took after

enticing shadows fastened to the night.

You then, fell into a pit of melancholy

dragged into dimness, where there was no light.

Appealing grins drew you into the darkness

where all the illusion was gradually stripped away.

Your, innocence, was stolen by the ones

who selected you to play, the games they play.

Your delicate heart was effortlessly broken,

then shattered into a thousand array.

Also, your torment was torpefied by drugs and liquor

under whose tutelage you thought your heart will mend, quicker.

You never believed this could occur, yet it has, and opened all those old wounds .

I warned you before, but you won’t ever listen to my honest sounds