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Ego may have a specific negative implication to it yet it is a vital element for a fruitful living, especially when it is utilized properly. In case, when it isn’t channelized appropriately, it starts delivering negative contemplations and feelings. Ego comes into the picture when your brain is in conflict with others’ perspective and you trust that your perspective is the main right view. It is also particularly aggressive when things do not go the way you want them to. This renunciation results in negative feelings like outrage, disdain, and self-question. These negative feelings fuel the false sense of self. It isn’t other individuals’ words or activities that decide your feelings, yet your reaction that decides the nature of your feelings.

When you become consciously aware that ego is becoming an obstacle to your living and resulting in undesired emotions that you don’t want, you can easily take control of it. Ego is your attitude towards life. You can not drop it but you can certainly transform it through mindfulness and awareness.


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