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Good morning

Night brings with itself dread and obscurity,

Constraining us to surrender our dreams and aspirations.

Expecting the light we dazzle ourselves,

As we close our eyes in fear of the dim.

Without light, haziness wins,

It runs the earth with torment and hardship.

Fiendish things crawling on the surface of the earth,

despite which we are nothing.

However, as the rising sun claims first light,

it carries with it guarantee and satisfaction,

blooms opening to extraordinary…the morning,

the sun extending its brilliant arms to favor the day.

Laying in the morning light we knock down the darkness

Within the sight of light we wind up inspired,

Our dreams wind up, lit up once more.

In spite of the fact that distress and agony may conflict as the night progressed,

Euphoria and bliss accompanies the morning.
Come, then, at least we may enjoy

This Saturday morning

Because love and hope still exists in this world, oh! It’s raining.

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Friday Motivation

You need to select your thoughts just the way you choose your outfit for a fresh day. The only thing you can control is your mind, and that’s the only thing that matters the most, the only thing you should be trying to control.


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The Devil’s street

Night was harsh and,

Me had me strolling down a street thin

cleared with the oily stones of the burial ground,

a street cutting in midnight air, a passage empty

Looked, devastate where dread devil’s voice could be heard, crystal clear.

The street fixed with still lines of defoliated tree,

night’s obscure fog weaved a cover of mystery,

crawling dread beat my heart at a quick rate.

A light emission as sharp as the lightning spear

punctured through me instantly of sudden burst.

Before getting blinded I thought I’d for once

saw a speeding dark Bentley flying spur, toward me it surged.

Like a consuming meteor the car had charged,

making in the part air a blasting crease,

cut me into headstone before I was squashed.

Guess what?

The shattering impact broke my scary dream. 😂