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Tuesday motivation

10 simple yet effective mantras to keep you going!!!


#1. Believe in yourself

#2. Focus on the positive

#3. Take risks

#4. Be yourself

#5. Love what you do

#6. Put your energy in the right place

#7. Define success for yourself

#8. Keep trying to be better

#9. Follow your dreams

#10. Have fun



It ain’t easy to keep going

when times are hard

Keep shining in the dark

When you wanna fall apart

But you my friend need to rise

life ain’t easy it’s so tough

But it won’t stop a dreamer from dreaming

A believer won’t stop believing

Stand up there’s no time for grieving

Hold on you’re a bird

Look at those features

There’s so bright

Are they meant to be caged?

No! They are made for the flight

So rise and fly

I wanna see you touch that sky

Hope is a good thing

Maybe the best of things

And no good thing

Ever dies!



This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

70 thoughts on “Tuesday motivation

  1. Woohoooo!! Firefly is super charged with positivity and inspiration again. All thanks to you. Thankyou for making me smile wide, Mr Sunshine. 😺🌼 This is very very very beautifully penned. It gives me hope and courage! 🐝

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  2. The only thing I am focusing nowadays is the 10th mantra, ‘having fun’. God knows when I am going to apply the other 9 in my life. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    I enjoyed reading the poem, beautifully put. Great work!!

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  3. As i read along the 10 points, it felt as though someone has just written my mind down. Seriously, i exactly have the same thoughts. Just live your life upto the fullest, be happy, and wonderful things will happen to you. Failures are also wonderful, only if one realizes how much we learn from themπŸ˜‰

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