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To dream the unthinkable dream

To battle the magnificent adversary

To manage with excruciating distress

To run where the overcome set out not to go

To right the inexcusable off-base

To love the unadulterated and virtuous from far off

To attempt when your arms are excessively exhausted

To reach the extrinsic land

This is my journey

To take after that place

Regardless of how miserable

Regardless of how far

To battle for the privilege


To will to walk into the hellfire

For magnificent reason

What’s more, I know whether I’ll just be valid

To this radiant mission

That my heart will lie quiet and quiet

When I’m laid to my rest

Also, the world will be better for this

That one man, despised and secured with scars

Still endeavored with his last ounce of bravery

To reach out and set the high bars.


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Alone I stand

I should go down to the oceans once more,

to the forlorn oceans

and the skies,

And all I ask is a tall ship

and a star

to direct her by.

How would I adore her?
Give me a chance to count the ways.

I’ll love her to the breadth,

depth and height my spirit can chase.

O My Love’s red, a red rose

That ‘s recently sprung in June:

Give me a chance to kiss her under the crescent moon.

My Sun is intended to shine

for her love is superior to the Riesling wine.

She takes me down in affection — puts out my senses,

Leaves me blind and deaf, by her earnest inferences.

I’ll enumerate my world in tears and praise

And, if god pick
I’ll love her till

The end of my days

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Crashing Waves

After a hectic day,
I stroll on the ocean’s side,
And stand and think about crashing waves,
Crashing inside my mind,

How they never stopped, never slowed,
Crashing into the shore,
How they caressed each sharp jagged rock,
In a peaceful type of war,

And I feel how soft sand beneath my feet,
Devour these waves like wine,
The wine that calm crashing thoughts each night,
Crashing inside my mind.

With memories kept hidden inside,
Every day I walk on the beach ankle deep,
Creating a new mental course,
Creating new happier thoughts.


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Tonight I wanna lift up my voice,
To know
How sweetly I can sing,
Or how well I resonate
With the music of the cosmos?

Tonight I wanna open up my heart,
To hear
The echo of its beating in time
With another,
Or the diaphanous pain of love,
Or the infinite joy of forgiveness?

Tonight I wanna open up my eyes,
To see
The beauty in a falling drop of rain,
Or marvel within the largeness of the skies,
Or what the mirror tells me
In its stark honest fidelity?

Tonight I wanna spread my wings,
To know
How high I can soar,
Or how far I can fly,
Or what it’s like to race the moon,
Or dip my fingers in a thundercloud or touch a star?

Tonight I don’t want bitter tears
Shed o’er my grave
For songs unsung, or deeds undone,
Or untasted fruits, or love untested.
When the time has come for me to depart,
There’ll be no reason, then, to fall apart.

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The road uphill


Building a strong character is a continuous process. It’s like a never-ending journey. You’ll witness growth, failures, improvements, and adversities. All you gotta do is take it all in and do what’s right. Get up when you fall. Cry for a moment if you’re hurt, but don’t let the pain sink in. Grow. Act. Never give up.

  – An Ambitious guy