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Set me free

I’ll walk between the milky-ways
Where Interstellar dust –
Adorns the blazing Constellations
I’ll chase my elusive dreams
Where dappling sunlight creeps amidst
the daunting contradictions
I’ll Shine among the crowded stars
where heaven’s light
penetrate the black voids
I’m the maverick
I know that
I’m the majestic
I know that too
But for now
I’m waiting for you
to set me free.
Will you?
set me free?

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To yourself

You are not
your insecurities
you are the strength
of the mountains
and the wisdom
of the rivers

You are not
the lad
in distress
You are the dragon
bringing fear
to the hearts
of men

you are everything

So breath your fire
and unleash
your strength
on the world

They will never know
what hit them


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The Thrill

Across a gloaming valley
Down the dimming trail
a shadow against the crimson skies
Hoofbeats fast
dusk’s failing fire
Stormy winds
Twinkling stars
whispers in the chill night air
Between what lies ahead and what remains
Hustle, scuttle and thrill
emotions of a yearning soul!

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My perfect illusion

Dreaming, lazily
I see my past
with more clearity
all my doubts now
answered amply

I can live,
Live without disdain
Lost friends I’ll regain
accepting the occasional mundane

I can read more,
learn more,
Spend my time with greater purpose
Sprinkling fun into drudgery, nothing left to remorse

I can do so much more
So many different ways to create joy galore
Menial tasks needn’t be a chore
Instead i’ll travel and explore

Only now can I see
the failure of my choices
Surrounded by better options, concious concussions

There can be more laughter
With humor, I can be an injector
Mastering quiet,
when others speak I’m the active listener

This leads to a more fulfilling existence
A life of broad acceptance
In which I make a difference
My perfect illusion!

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Racing against the wind
stepping outside
Back to where it begins
fighting all dejection
Soaring a little high
Screaming out loud
words won’t come out
No turning back
just racing again
Finding a rhythm
to make the heart mend
Time just stands still
then it starts again!

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Trees in the distance
a calling from the sea
Seagulls, waves, laughter
Rocky headland
the raging waves
Smashing and diverting
splash, surge and foam
The run of water
up and down, over and under
through rock spills and splits
Seaweed loving the push
pull, twist and turns

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The symphony has started

and the darkness does descend

the world succumbs to quietude

the day has reached its end


The nighttime woods are glittering

and offer up a show

a dazzling performance

by the fireflies, aglow


On the distant hills around

Tiny flashing dots abound

There’s something special in the sight

of cozy darkness specked in white


In the earth and sky above

the spectacle, I truly love

my heart lays still as I rest my head 

and all my troubles seem to fade away