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My perfect illusion

Dreaming, lazily
I see my past
with more clearity
all my doubts now
answered amply

I can live,
Live without disdain
Lost friends I’ll regain
accepting the occasional mundane

I can read more,
learn more,
Spend my time with greater purpose
Sprinkling fun into drudgery, nothing left to remorse

I can do so much more
So many different ways to create joy galore
Menial tasks needn’t be a chore
Instead i’ll travel and explore

Only now can I see
the failure of my choices
Surrounded by better options, concious concussions

There can be more laughter
With humor, I can be an injector
Mastering quiet,
when others speak I’m the active listener

This leads to a more fulfilling existence
A life of broad acceptance
In which I make a difference
My perfect illusion!