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Sunday Motivation🐥

It’s hard to keep negative thoughts away

Some are bound to filter in.

The thing that’s so important

Is that you must sweep them out again and again

Before they get a chance to grow

And you’ll be the master of your fate,

the captain of your soul.

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Seasons of the Earth 🌍

The paradisal green hill
holds a floral formation
A sign of dynamic beginning
sprouting forth -a peaceful trail

Blue waters caress
a craggy shore
as light drenches earth’s floor
a wilderness – with utter brilliance

Crimson red grapes
shine beneath the sky
sun surrenders to its twilight fate
glowing embers -of an autumn tree

Grass and weeds asleep
Riding winter’s wind
Snow drift, snow flakes in a snow line
Cold moon rising- a frozen scarecrow

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Her Prince

As the darkness prevails

Unseen demons there await

outside in the moon light

Curled in the corner, eyes shut,

she weeps, in fright.

Beneath closed eyelids

her golden prince rescues her

from endless darkness.

But he has no golden armor,

Just strong arms, to hold her tight.

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Mother Nature

Mother nature is a pandora’s box
Full of miracles and luscious knowledge

She’s the teacher of arts
The source of all sciences

Many mimic her beauty
To exploit her charisma

Some learn her laws
To decipher her secrets

But they fail to attain her wisdom
For the wisdom belongs to God’s creation

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Spending Saturdays

It’s Saturday morning,
I think I should go for a jog.
Except I’m a little bit tired,
so maybe I’ll just walk the dog.

But he seems too hyper for walking,
He looks kind of hard to control.
So maybe I’ll leave him at home,
and go for a leisurely stroll.

But all of my socks are too dirty,
and all of my shoes are untied.
So maybe I’ll sit on the front porch,
Or maybe I’ll just stay inside.

I see that my kitty is purring,
and wants to nestle up on my lap.
It wouldn’t be right to prevent her
from getting her afternoon nap.

It’s comfortable here on the sofa,
My pillows are cozy and deep.
The weather is just perfect,
For a pizza and some sound sleep.


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A Sunny Morning


Water gushing down the rock so fast
Mind watchful on thoughts so vast

The rays falls on the water
Reflections of colour dance on its alter

The grasses whisper in the wind
As bee’s flirt with their nectar

I feel the silence of time gone by
Makes the outside world seem a lie

Beauty and sound wash the mind
All negatives left behind

The sounds of nature in my head
Recharges my soul for times ahead

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My best friend

When you speak.
You say kind things.
There’s a charm in your voice.
And laughter in your smile.
While the sun shines through,
You pass on happiness,
and that’s a good sign.
No time for tears or
unhappy times.
So my little ray of
Sunshine make my day.
When all be well
so I may dance and play,
And never be sad again.