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Seasons of the Earth πŸŒ

The paradisal green hill
holds a floral formation
A sign of dynamic beginning
sprouting forth -a peaceful trail

Blue waters caress
a craggy shore
as light drenches earth’s floor
a wilderness – with utter brilliance

Crimson red grapes
shine beneath the sky
sun surrenders to its twilight fate
glowing embers -of an autumn tree

Grass and weeds asleep
Riding winter’s wind
Snow drift, snow flakes in a snow line
Cold moon rising- a frozen scarecrow


This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

12 thoughts on “Seasons of the Earth πŸŒ

  1. Oh, this is the most brilliant description of the seasons of Earth! 🌼 I’m really fascinated by those phrases you used.
    “glowing embers -of an autumn tree” OMG! 😻 What a beautiful picture this creates.
    And this one, “Snow drift, snow flakes in a snow line” The repetition makes it sound so musical.

    And that last one, I’m so angry but sooooo awed too. You stole my scarecrow. But you used that word like I could’ve never used. 😾

    So perfect huh. So perfect. I really need to learn how to appreciate a poem, huh. Your work deserves so much praise. 😧

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    1. I’m so overwhelmed after seeing this comment πŸ˜ƒ You made a sick man smile… Really!
      Thanks for reading and supporting me everytime. You’re such a motivation πŸ™‚ I’ll keep on writing… Actually I like writing about nature more than anything else.
      Scarecrow..Haan I stole it from you and left it freezing in the cold winter πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hoho! I’m so happpy. Sick man writes magical poems actually. 😹 I’m not a motivation, I’m the ghost that haunts poets for more poems. πŸ‘»
        Exactlyy, that’s your speciality naa. This poem of yours really reminded me of that poem ‘Ode to Autumn’ by John Keats. You should really publish a poetry book. People really need to read thess poems.
        And about that scarecrow, chor ho tum chorrrrr. πŸ˜ΎπŸ‘Š


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