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Choose your peeps wisely!



When its dark,

A good friend will shine like a bright  star


A fake one will give you deep, deep scars.


So, remember it is always wise to use discretion when picking new friends because they are the one with whom you will hanging out till the end, with whom lots of time you will cheerfully spend,  someone on which you no have doubt and can depend!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.



This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

38 thoughts on “Choose your peeps wisely!

  1. This is one of most important circle of our life that is people and society. We just never know how far this circle can extend from its limit if it’s the wrong and infected circle. So yeah choosing our peeps wisely! Always a reminder 😊

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    1. Yeah, your success largely depends on the company you keep, but it can be difficult to pinpoint precisely what makes a decent circle.
      For me, a group should guide us out of the darkness when we somehow fall into wrong hands, and yes, honesty matters the most. I don’t want some fakesters sticking around me for personal benefits and deceive me when I’m in deep shit. XD
      Btw, Thanks for stopping by and adding a valuable comment! You really add value to my posts!


      1. Of course there is no general idea of a decent circle. It actually depends on the values a person embraces and the way the world is seen by him and her and what is right and wrong.
        I really appreciate your idea of the group and pinch you for the same because honestly actually matters to me too. Because it is the main root to reputation, right path and secure future. We find a load of fakesters now, so it’s hard to find gold between the polluted mines. Understanding is also a important aspect, if one can understand, one can also be honest for the same and will feel a certain guilt of knowing truth and then not being honest. So yes they go hand in hand. But anyways we always find “the one”!
        Your welcome, your posts are actually worth stopping by and let me pour myself in your thoughts and writings. Feels collabarted when you say I add the value. So thanks to you. Hope you are doing well!

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      2. I really never thought that someone will stop by to read my work and admire it when I started blogging. You really increase my post’s efficiency by decorating it with your profound words of wisdom. Thanks for that. I really mean it!
        One thing I want to say about you is that you are definitely more smarter and mature than me in understanding life & I hope you will sail well in life’s complex situations.
        Great day😊✌Keep inspiring


      3. Well that was what I thought so. For myself. But then I met beautiful anonymous writers with heart throbbing words. They spoke things on my post to horizons to never went.
        I feel really nice and immense pleasure of your value towards my comments and everyone in fact🙂.
        I don’t know about that really. We can’t really know the measures of smartness but maturity yes. There are things you don’t know and I know and things I don’t know and you know. Just imbalance. But our words say a lot of our personalities, eh? Nothing more and less just souls!
        I hope the sail turns out to be a smooth one for you too but sails face storms too, depends how we keep the stearing on control!

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      4. Tough times? Time will pass, just stay strong, I wish the happiness and bright day after all of it passes🙂. Hope you are still in the pink of your health! And I feel nice with your words🌸. Your welcome. And take care!

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  2. Woahhhh! Why didn’t this come up in my notification? 😾 I like the advice. Such beautiful words of wisdom.
    Learn something from last year’s Abhishek. Be with mee. I have no hate, only a liiiiitle bit of jealousy for your writing skill, huh. 😹 I can shine like star also, I can give you scars also. 😃

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      1. If people started saying whatever they really meant na, everything will be super messed up. That’s why sarcasm was invented, so you can say what you want also, and the person won’t understand also. 😄

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