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An Important Announcement!

Hello bloggers!

Life is always full of beautiful surprises. Twists, turns, new opportunities. Just over 2 years ago, I started this blog. It has garnered a massive support on this platform. With over 2000+ followers and over 35k views, I feel blessed to be a part of this journey.

Today I’m happy to announce that I have started this new blog called Articles Arena with a friend of mine. It’s primarily a site to publish high quality articles on a variety of genres.

I wish to take this site to new heights and also try earning some money out of it. With two years of experience at blogging, I feel confident that I can really pull it off.

I want to thank you for years of friendship and support. I will be in touch and will keep on posting my poems on this blog. πŸ˜„

Do give my new site a check🀝

It’ll mean the world to me.


This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

29 thoughts on “An Important Announcement!

  1. Congratulations for your new website. You’re doing great. I hope you achieve new heights and make new new friends and give your time to them. πŸ€— Also, you don’t have 2k followers yet. It’s 1896. Itna jyada round off nahi karte. Poems bilkul mat likhna ab. And don’t reply also. Okay bye. ☺❀

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      1. No, thankyou. You enjoy with your 2386 family members and whatever. If poem doesn’t come in two days, I’m going to unsubscribe. Why should I follow when nobody’s interested in writing? ☺

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      2. Aeyyy! Don’t give me my dialogues back. πŸ™… Aristotle says everyone has one tragic flaw which causes his downfall. You know what’s yours and you’re doing nothing to improve. So congratulations. ☺☺ Downfall is approaching soon.

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