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Woody sits in a dark corner

With smile on his face

and a cowboy hat on his head

Looking at a cuckoo clock

Which shows it’s ten to four

Four o’clock is woody’s teatime

Lots of friends and fancy cake

Although time’s running fast

But how long these ten minutes take?

Shadows grow on distant hills

Tangerine sun on glassy sea

All his ember eyes reflected

And still ten minutes left ’til tea

The house, withered, is old and broken

Rusty springs through mattresses show

The cuckoo clock is also broken But how’s Woody supposed to know?

Unaware he’s been discarded

That no friend will come through

The hills and sea just glass, old papers

A telephone that no one will answer

Empty cups that once held tea

Now they hold everything but glee

The clock that still says nearly teatime

Where can all his friends be?

For ages now he’s lain unwanted

Smiling in his cowboy hat

He’ll never know he’s been abandoned

‘Til the clock reads after four

Don’t tell him that the clock is broken

For as long as woody doesn’t know

It’ll always soon be teatime

As it was, so long, long ago.


This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

39 thoughts on “Woody

  1. Oh my God! 😭😭 This really broke my heart. It’s sooo upsetting. Don’t do this to him. 😿 Woody will never be alone, huh. I’ll draw friends for him.
    I loved this imagery- ‘Tangerine sun on glassy sea’. Write happy poems Little Abhi. πŸ₯Ί

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve not seen Toy Story. But I’ve seen this Woody character before. πŸ₯³ Also, tum na bohot jyada tez chal rahe ho. I saw another post was uploaded on this blog just now. πŸ˜’ Where’s the comment box?

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  2. Wow. Seriously, it broke my heart but the ending is beautiful, even if painful. The innocent trust and the almost vulnerable Woody took my heart! Great job there! Loved it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ramyani, you always leave wonderful feedbacks on my poems. I really appreciate thatπŸ˜„ Thank you so much.
      Woody. Well, he’s been my fave character and that particular scene when Andy leaves for college, and poor Woody is donated to Bonnie Anderson acted as a prompt to write something heart-touching like this one.
      I’m glad you loved it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You write wonderful poems and I can’t really help but write wonderful things about them! Keep it up! And ofc I love the Toy Story series 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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