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3 A.M Talks

Lots of people around me are having tough times managing their emotional well-being. COVID-19 has really gotten on their nerves. There’s uncertainty everywhere.

Yeah, I know life may not seem wonderful right now, probably you’re having a tough week, having a nostalgic attack or going through really hard situation and just wishing to go back to normal days.

I’ll tell you my story. My workplace is just 200 KM from my parent’s home, still I was not able to go live with them due to the country wide lock-down that started on 24th March. I and my roommates were struck in our rented apartment without any prior experience of cooking or doing household chores. Our maid kind of abandoned us and fled to her town(I don’t know how). We were on our own.

Now the real fun began or I’ll say shit got real. I work in an IT firm, and hence our apartment became our virtual workplace. Working 8 hours remote shift + managing all the household chores like preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and what not made me realize the importance of a father’s hard-work at workplace, and a mother’s role and responsibility in handling the entire house. No wonder she’s called a house maker. My respect for them grew immensely, but most importantly I got to learn skills that I never thought I could ever acquire. I’ve lived 20 years of my life with my parents and it was just last year that stepped out of my comfortable home and moved out to a different city after I got my first job. I never really helped in any household work before; because honestly, no one asked me to do so. Believe me or not, all I could ever do in kitchen was boil some water or make a cup of tea. That’s it! I never even made instant noodles on my own.

But now after this lockdown phase, I think I’ve become good at so many things. I can cook! Yes, I can cook every popular Indian dish. I’ve learned all the household chores, and most importantly, I’ve understood values like having a positive outlook towards life, time management and the power of gratitude. I think these times have taught me many lessons for good, made me more responsible, independent and stronger Abhishek than before!

So guys, don’t worry. You should be happy having experienced these moments. Trust me, this is once in a lifetime thing and you’ll tell the tales of these times to your children or grandchildren in the future. Or maybe someday you’ll get to experience something like this again. Who knows? For now, let’s work ourselves out of this situation, alright? It will all go good, just have faith and don’t give up. We’ll come out stronger than ever after this all gets over.

Let’s just slide with destiny and try to live our lives with enthusiasm and determination or it will end too soon.

Stay safe and keep smilingπŸ˜„

Hope is the thing with feathersΒ –
That perches in the soulΒ –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops at all

-Emily Dickinson


This blog is managed by Abhishek Pathania -A computer science student, who writes short poems on genres ranging from horror, mystery, drama, romance, satire, and fiction. Occasionally you'll find motivational quotes and hand-curated articles on a variety of topics, all capable of shaping conscious awareness.

44 thoughts on “3 A.M Talks

  1. One of the things I have noticed about this outbreak is that ‘it’s a source of our training’. Mental and physical. It’s like life has taken a step-back to let us see it with a new perspective.
    Well you still knew how to make a tea πŸ˜…, my brothers don’t even know that.
    Congratulations on the new skill gain πŸ˜….

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  2. So happy to know that you’re learning new things everyday. This lockdown is like a training session, you’re going to need these things in the coming years. Proud to see that you’re fighting these tough times with a positive attitude. Keep shining and stay at home. 😁😁

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  3. Good to hear you. It’s good to know that you are taking it all in a positive way, instead of crying over the fact that maid abandoned youπŸ˜…
    It’s Even interesting to know that you can cook anything…

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    1. Thanks for your kind read, Rashmi. Facing up things, working through them, that’s what makes you stronger.
      Haha and cooking skills? I owe that to wonderful YouTube creators like Bharat’s kitchen. And god DAMN his stuff is delicious. He has such a soothing voice and makes everything…well, basic. No fancy terms or flair. Just simple, straightforward cooking.

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  4. Ah this is a much needed post Abhishek! Seriously, you are right. I actually learnt to cook many dishes and trying to hone my skills more. It’s just the perspective, how we wish to see the situation. Take care!❀️

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    1. Thanks for your kind words, Ramyani! It’s good to hear that you’re trying out new recipes. Cooking always felt an overwhelming task to me, but now with practice I’m lovin it.
      Anyways take care
      Stay safe and keep the positive vibes comingπŸ˜„πŸ’

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      1. I was always too lazy to try to cook, but now I kinda like it. We all have to learn to cook one day anyway πŸ˜‚


  5. β€œIn times of darkness you can still see brightness.” I’ve been telling this to my friends who are also suffering from this pandemic. Our situation now is so hard actually but life has to be managed in such a way that we can still live though a normal life inside our house. Keep safe! This shall pass.😍

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