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Should schools be reopened amidst Corona Virus?

My cousin Ashutosh, who is in 9th grade wants your feedback on this issue. Please read his message below and comment your views/suggestions.

Shall we open schools ? This is the biggest question that is gaining attention nowadays. I understand that many children (about β…”%) don’t have enough assistance and facilities for online classes and they are not willing to learn at their homes. Opening schools can be harmful and harmless. According to the school board, I have divided to put forward my views in 3 parts:

1. Harmful effects of opening schools in this period

2. Advantages of opening schools

3. Safety and Precautions for opening schools as well as Conclusion.

Let’s first talk about the Harmful effects: We all know this period of time is very depressing and continuously staying in home has made all students sad. If by any chance some state gets #Coronafree, we still need to remember that the cases have gone low not the disease. There is still a chance that it might spread through one single child to the entire school. Secondly, there’s a need to maintain proper sanitization and cleaning in schools. Also, public transport and buses shall also be organized in a proper way. A little bit of carelessness and all the plans will get flop.

Now let’s move to the second topic that is the advantages of opening schools:
As earlier told that the children who are not having proper facilities to study from home should not be deprived of education. Moreover, we all have have heard in the news that Hume Corona Ke Saath Jeena Seekhna Hoga i.e. we all have to make a habit of living with coronavirus and that’s the positive of opening schools. Children will gradually learn how to maintain social distancing, how to sanitize, how to maintain personal hygiene etc.

Last but not least some Precautions that needed to be taken to start the schools:

  1. Schools have to be sanitized time to time.
  2. Screening of the children should be done at large scale.
  3. Children coming to school from Containment or Red zone shall be given extra attention.
  4. Only 30% or 50% of students in the all school shall attend in a single day.
  5. Children should be moralized not to be partial to any child who had the virus or has the symptoms.
  6. Social Distancing should be maintained.

If you agree with my views or want to share your feedback then please feel free to drop an Email at :

Please forward this message to other people you know.
Thank You


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25 thoughts on “Should schools be reopened amidst Corona Virus?

  1. Good points Abhishek. One more thing came to my mind where probably children will be divided into slots or batches in different timings which may help in few number coming in to school at a given point in time and thereby following social distancing.

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  2. I’m IN for school re-opening.
    1. Half the number of students in a class – 1 on a bench
    2. Sanitation of the premises to be taken up daily
    3. Masks can be used for those coughing and unwell (to an extent)
    4. Students sick – simply do not attend class till well n tested.
    Schools can get back to classes. This online crap will not work out-trust me! In a country like India where internet is still a luxury and not accessible everywhere…online schooling is a FLOP idea.
    This coming from an English teacher myself (now trainer)

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    1. Some really promising pointers here. I guess local authorities should work in coordinations to make this happen. Education should never stop.
      I don’t see this virus getting vanished until we have some solid vaccine ready in near future. Let’s hope for the best without compromising safety of students.
      Thanks for reading & adding your valuable insights.


  3. As I have observed in the past few weeks, online classes are really not worth it. Even if the student has all the resources, the efficiency of online classes will never be satisfactory.

    I just feel like even if schools are opened right now, most of the parents wouldn’t take the risk of sending their kids out. But yes, maybe in the coming month, schools can definitely be opened if all of the precautions are taken strictly. Afterall, students’ learning should not face this loss.
    Nice writeup by your cousin brother. πŸ€—

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  4. Hey Abhishek! Your cousin did a great job writing this!!! It would be great if schools could give families the option to either return physically to school or to continue their studies at home…but I realize that’s just not practical or possible to serve the needs/wishes of everyone. Good Luck to Your cousin! πŸ’•


  5. For me its not totally good these days. Education can be learned on line. We have to adapt to the new norm for safety purposes. However, I believe such thing is temporary. When time comes that everything is becoming to normal, it may be safe enough. Take care


  6. Good question. As one who grew up during a time when American education system was number one in the world (We’re now far down on the list of countries.), far more entering universities afterwards, I had the opportunity to try a myriad of jobs and hobbies, some very adventurous and some more academic. For a time, I taught in a variety of venues, and teaching at summer camps really opened my eyes to the simplicity of instruction, but more to encourage others to think for themselves, to be individuals with responsibilities, and to venture forward without waiting for others to tell you what to do. Let your conscience be your guide. When teaching, I probably taught more in a home school sort of way than most other teachers. But this was another eye-opener. You don’t need a building with someone telling you what to do and think. Resources are a plenty. Self-motivation is the key to anything. As I’ve explained to others, 95% of my education came from my own efforts, curiosity, and research. Jobs, hobbies, and more. Just find resources regarding texts, set time aside, but also include those arenas you find interesting. Visit businesses. Visit corporations. Talk with professionals. Have hobbies. With time, you will discover more things you enjoy and are interested. Then don’t wait for others to give you the okay. Go for it. With responsibility. **There’s an old story. A fellow had a couple of restaurants and did quite well. His friend, seeing the success, explained that he too wanted to open a restaurant and asked for advice. The fellow told him, if you have to ask, you won’t succeed. **There’s another story. It’s about a cowboy (older now) who set out to find some dangerous men and return the cattle to the owner. He’s in a friend’s home, taking a few hours to sleep, get warm, and eat. The friend says, if he waits, they can get additional help. He replies, if a man sets out looking for help, he might as well never set out to begin with. Not saying it’s as drastic. But you have all you need to succeed. All the resources are there. And when you do, your friends will see your self-motivation, creativity, and determination, not waiting for the rest of the world. These are amazing times because more people will realize they can learn far more on their own, as I did, then waiting for others to do it for you. All the best.

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  7. I think they should be opened. With a little bit of precautions, of course.
    In my point of view, school going children have a relatively better immune system given their exposure to all sorts of stuff at school. So, it’ll promote herd immunity and also morally boost their spirit once normality kicks into their lives.
    The high risk population, however, should be extra cautious.


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