27 thoughts on “Raindrops – A haiku

  1. Such peaceful words. Healed my heart! You’re the Haiku King huh. πŸ€— Please post more poems here. I know you have hundreds of them in the drafts folder. Bring them here or I’ll have to do something bad. 😼

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      1. Yes, it’s the time of year when I thought of rewinding and thinking about the year. Not able to blog surely made me think about my priorities. But it’s all right, I see many bloggers have moved on from writing here including yourself. So i hardly missed anything. Lets see if I can contribute something next year! Excited about what future beholds


      2. Same goes for me. I don’t know why but coming back to blogging now seems super childish. I just can’t gather the courage to write those poems again. 😦 Waiting for some mature thoughts to strike my mind. Anyway, I will be waiting to read your blogs for sure! Make your comeback soon.

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