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Why Right-Wing politics is on a rise across the World?

With Boris Johnson winning a landslide Tory electoral victory not seen since Margaret Thatcher’s triumph in 1987, it’s evident that the world politics is heading toward right-wing populism.

Boris Johnson

Right-wing populist and nationalist governments are in power in Russia, Turkey, India, Israel, Hungary, Poland, and the United States, and they share power with left-wing populists in Italy. Japan’s Shinzo Abe has taken his conservative Liberal Party in a notably nationalist direction. And with Angela Merkel announcing her intention not to run for re-election, and her party anxiously watching the rise of the far-right Alternative for Germany, it’s likely her conservative coalition will also begin sounding right-wing populist themes.

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5 habits that will boost your productivity!

Loving and Losing: different only by one letter and a zillion degrees of pain.

Real love doesn’t meet you at your best. It meets you in your mess.

To be honest life sucks and then it gets better and then it sucks again and then it just sucks!



All these wonderful eye-catching quotes, I read it somewhere, pleased my eyes, cool. That’s how the quotes work. Instant pleasure and, that’s it. You know that right?

But it has little to do with our today’s post! Read on you’ll find out.

Well, today I’m going to address the topic:  “5 habits that will boost your productivity”


You might have felt this before.

You’re on a social network, scrolling through your feed devouring post after post of “valuable” content and inspiring information.

You start getting pumped up, don’t you? I know I do.

It feels great to look at other people doing really well and think to yourself, “Hey! That could be me!”

It feels even better to read a motivational quote that really resonates with you and think, “Damn! This was the exact advice I needed!”

In the back of our minds, we think that with the right inspiration or motivation, everything will be different.

“It’ll all change, I just have to get motivated.”

Then…nothing changes.

Inspirational quotations might have an immediate positive effect or resonate with some people some of the time.
However, these benefits typically tend to be short-lived. This is a characteristic of any other type of quick fix.
So I compare these inspirational quotations to be similar to placing a band-aid on a gaping wound.
They simply are not sufficient nor helpful in the long run to completely or correctly address people’s issues.


Irony: I’m using quotes to quote that quotes suck! 🙂

Whatever! Let’s keep on moving.

We even trick ourselves into thinking that we’ll finally find our way if we just do enough “research” first.

Think back to all those late nights you spent “researching” your newest obsession…or watching YouTube tutorials for hours trying to “figure things out.”

It felt good, didn’t it? It felt like you were making progress because you were pouring energy into something that felt real.

But after months of research and wrestling with ideas, you know what happens to most of us?


Nothing changes.

Does this sound similar to you?

read on…

The idea behind such happening is simple: it feels good to think about all the wonderful changes we’re going to make in our life.

It feels good to think about the person we’re going to become when we finally “get our shit together.”

In fact, it feels so good that we often mistake our fantasies of a better life for actually building a better life.

But after we’re done vigorously thinking about all these great things…we often don’t have the energy to actually do anything about them. It’s like playing FIFA 18 on PC rather than going out and, ya know, doing the real thing.

We spend all our energy in the fantasy world and leave nothing for the real world.

But hold on…

Today is your lucky day. I’m going to share five awesome habits that’ll surely help you to rake in more productivity at your work or studies. 

But first I want you to stand up, shake your fist at the sky and say, “NO MORE!”


Here it is then, they are all insights that have helped me get over the endless cycle of non-action and finally start getting results in my life. 

1. Stop watching so much television/Netflix/YouTube. Seriously 🙂


Even if you’re only watching 2 hours a day before/after work( I know you watch a lot more), that’s over 700 hours per year of energy spent on something with literally no return.

Yes, there are some great shows. I like Stranger things, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. But if we’re being honest, 98 percent of TV sucks. We just watch it because we need to “relax” and we feel like there’s nothing else to do.
This philosophy applies to movies, too. Most of the time, we just watch movies because we feel like there’s nothing better to do. I’ve watched hundreds of movies last year that, after two hours, simply made me go “meh.” What a waste. 

This is the empty time when you should be working on your idea. This is the time you have to start plotting your escape.

If there’s a particular show that you really love, block out time for that particular show every week and when it’s over, turn the TV off. When you want it, make it count. If it’s not a “hell yes!” then forget it.

It’s really that simple. 

2. Invest in a hobby  🙂


If you’re cutting out TV, one of the best things to replace it with is a book. Reading has always been one of my hobbies, but more than that, it’s the best way to solve problems.

As you start reading more, you’ll start getting many more ideas and increasing your creativity.

For those that say reading is boring, or it makes you fall asleep…just like anything, learning to read while staying attentive and focused is a skill. It takes time, and it’s work. But it’s literally the best thing you can do for yourself. Other than reading you can write, draw, sing, or even make comic strips. Whatever makes you happy.

3. Don’t stay up late in the night 🙂



There’s nothing interesting happening. Trust me.
I used to have a really bad habit of staying up until past 1 Am every night. I think in the back of my mind, I was thinking that if I went to bed early, I’d miss out on something important. Results? I’d end up waking 11:00 in the morning, skipping morning exercise and breakfast altogether. My whole day used to be lethargic too.

On my Mom’s advice, I started going to bed earlier. It sucked initially, you know, the biological clock. Eventually, I got into the routine.

Waking up early is a big key to getting more done. But you don’t wake up earlier by simply changing your alarm from 7am to 5am.

Your morning starts the night before. The earlier you go to bed, the better you feel when you wake up.

Seriously, just go to bed. Not watching TV helps with this because you don’t do that thing where you lay on the couch in a half coma, too tired to go to bed…but too alert to fall completely asleep.

I aim for lights out at 11-11:30 pm these days and wake up around 6:30 or 7am. And if you do this consistently, you’ll find you won’t even need an alarm clock to wake up. Pretty awesome. My mom wake ups at 5:00 am without any alarm.

4. Create a simple morning routine 🙂


The human brain craves consistency. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve already created dozens of patterns and habits in your life in order to make your life more consistent.

You can take control of this process by creating your own positive routines and sticking to them.

Start by deliberately creating a short list of things you’re going to do every morning, without fail. Make those activities simple enough that you won’t constantly find an excuse to avoid them…but powerful enough to actually have an impact on your life.

I spend the first few hours of my day making my bed, exercising and jogging. This is “me” time when I don’t field requests from other people. I make sure to carve this out before I get to my studies or college.

Don’t have a few hours in the morning? Start with 30 minutes. Just center yourself before you have to run off and report somewhere.

Here’s my recommendation

#1. Make your bed.

#2. Do a Light exercise.

#3. Read a newspaper/ a few pages of a novel.



5. Be mindful of the social media 🙂


Social media is integral to the way most of us live our lives now, so I’m not going to tell you to give it up. But how about this…

Monitor yourself. Don’t allow yourself to scroll and endlessly refresh the feed bouncing from page to page.

Don’t succumb to the tiny hits of dopamine you get every time someone “likes” a post.

Use it as a tool to keep up with people you care about, not as a way to take up valuable time you could be doing meaningful work.

I have a little two-minute timer that goes off in my head. If I start scrolling and fall into the vortex, after two minutes, I just shut down the app and put the phone aside. You could also try this digital – detox challenge started by fellow blogger Sumeet here.

Seriously. You’re not missing anything. 

I recommend using Quora and Linkedin. Avoid Facebook and Instagram.

So in the end…


I hope these lil’ tidbits don’t inspire you. I hope they don’t motivate you at all.


Because inspiration and motivation are fleeting. They’ll disappear as soon as you close this article. And they have to be reapplied CONSTANTLY.

Inspiration and motivation aren’t the same things like change.
The change means that you saw something, read something, heard something and felt something. It resonated so deeply that you can’t possibly live your life the same way as you did 30 seconds ago.

Something was one way. Now it’s another. That’s change.

Change is the power behind all of humanity’s greatest accomplishments.

Change is the power behind all the earth’s natural mysteries.

Change is what you feel when you fall in love.

Whatever you’ve been waiting on is actually waiting for you. But you’ll have to change in order to get it.

Thank you so much for reading!



Thank you, Guys! My blog just hit 1337 followers! Here’s something about the number 1337.

The Angel number 1337 carries a message from the angels telling you that they are happy and commend your efforts and the successes that come as a result. The angel number also tells you that you are teaching other people well by leading by an example.

Many thanks to my favorite blogger Manuela for nominating me for the Awesome Impact award.

Do check out her blog for a positive and wonderful experience.

EDIT: Just got a notification that this is my 200th post on WordPress. Thank you so much, readers. It’s quite an achievement for me. I could not have accomplished this without your love and support!


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A Guide to Happiness

Hey all! Welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to discuss “happiness” and my personal guide to achieving it.

For a person like me, the ultimate goal in life is happiness. Be it in studies, blogging, relationships, hobbies …I strive to find happiness. It all started a long way back when I wondered what does real happiness really means? Was it something good that will happen to me in the future, or all the good things that have happened to me in the past? Then I said, no! Happiness ain’t about the past or future events. Happiness should be here and now, who I am now, with the people I’m with now, doing the things I’m doing now.

So here’s the real trick. Take action to do the things that make you happy, with the people who make you happy, and to be happy with the person you are now.

Let’s dig deeper and explore the branches of the tree.

Pick one or two and start today.

  1. Make your mental health a priority.
  2. Your inner peace a priority.
  3. Your self-care a priority.
  4.  Your happiness a priority.

Don’t take yourself for granted. Nourish and reflect on all parts of yourself that needs healing and self-love. Be patient and kind during the process.

Remember It’s easy to:


It’s hard to:


Do the hard work. Shine.

Are you an overthinker?


Overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied. Keep your mind off things that don’t help you. Think positive.

Are you a dreamer?

That’s good! Life stops when you stop dreaming. Hope ends when you stop believing. Love ends when you stop caring. Friendship ends when you stop sharing.

Do you believe?

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who don’t give up.


Ah, money, right! Let me tell you my views on this.

Yeah, money is important. Go work for it. I’m going to deny the fact that money can’t buy you happiness. Yes, it can! You should always have a financial freedom to buy things that you wish, the materialistic things that you’re crazy about, things that give you happiness. But still,

Buying the most expensive snacks from a shop, coming home, eating it will surely be nice…
But it can never replace,
Coming home after a tiring day at work/school and getting hot Samosas(Indian snack) made by your mom served with lots of love just for you kind of feeling.


Buying the most expensive mobile available in the market is of no point if you don’t have someone special to ask you how are you doing…

But but… There’s always a but, I suppose

The other day I met an old lady while traveling through the train during my internship last semester. I was sitting on the station bench and using some high-speed wi-fi when she came and patted on my shoulder.

Baba I’m hungry please give me some food” I raised my head and realized what my friend who travels daily by train said to me “Dude don’t give money to beggars on railway station or train. Begging is a profession with a career just like any other. So beware of them” But then something happened. The inner me was not accepting the fact that the old lady is a professional beggar or she had a career in it. The look on her pale face made me so sad that I stood and said to her ” Amma wait here. I’ll be back in a minute ” I went to a nearby food shop and bought a fully packed meal for her and a bottle of water. All this took less than 100 rupees.
You can imagine the happiness on her face. I’m sure you can!
The point is, if I didn’t have money, in the first place, I wouldn’t have been able to buy the old lady some food, which would, in turn, have made me miss the experience of “Happiness”, that I did experience on that day.

Later that day, I discussed the whole thing with my family at dinner. Mom and dad were so proud and happy of course. They said “Shabash, Beta! You did well”.

So you see a small event or act of kindness created a series of happiness in many lives. Money too played a crucial part there.


Everyday Commitments?

Yes! It’s a wonderful idea according to me. Plan your short-term as well as long-term goals.

Every single day you should wake up and commit yourself to become a better person. A kind one. A gentleman.

Last but not least :

Never stop learning.
Keep a good friend circle. Beware of the fake ones.
Spend quality time with your family. This matters the most.
On weekends try your best to socialize and explore the outdoors.
Read quality books(biographies/fictions/comics whatever makes you happy).
Watch good movies.
Eat healthy food.
A light workout every day.
Stay away from strong emotions like anger.
Maintain a journal.
Pray. Don’t be an atheist!

Thanks for reading! I hope if you try some of these tips you’ll definitely start enjoying the life more beautifully. Trust me I’ve tried this and have seen myself grow my senses and mind aesthetically. I can happily say that I’m alive. I’m happy!

Pic credits: Pinterest

Thank you so much for supporting,  and I’m heading towards 1500 follower! Yayy! That’s so fab. Your valuable support keeps me going.

One good news: A great fellow blogger recently nominated me for “THE REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD“. I’m so thankful to you csprasath. Do visit his blog for taking some awesome travel experience around India.


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It’s all about you

I know what I can do so it doesn’t bother me what other people think or their opinion on the situation.

-Usain Bolt

In the late spring of 2016, the Rio Olympics men’s 100m athletic last gave us a standout amongst the most distinctive cases of doing “you” and run your own race. One of the best men’s sprinters to ever live was going for another gold medal, and this time he’d be tried like never before by one of his main opponents, Justin Gatlin. Bolt knew whether he ran his own race that he’d win. Be that as it may, nothing was ensured.

As it’s been said, a photo is worth 1,000 words.

(L-R) USA's Mike Rodgers, Jamaica's Usai

On the last seconds, bolt turned it on and passed Justin Gatlin. The greater part of this was caught for time everlasting with a one millisecond look that said everything. Justin Gatlin was occupied with the prospect of losing to his boss rival. Maybe, he began agonizing over his opponent.

He completed second with 9.89 seconds with bolt taking endlessly the gold with 9.81 seconds as they finished their race.

Bolt continued going ahead and concentrating on the true objective. He won another gold and the minute ended up scratched in time with a focal, clear message: Run your own race. Try not to stress over what others are doing — particularly on the off chance that you discover it transforming into envy or disappointment. You’re without anyone else way which is as it should be. Know your motivation, clear up your objectives and continue driving forward with certainty and conviction.

You won’t need to peek over your shoulder at anybody to know you’re moving the correct way. You’ll have all the learning you require that fashioning your way is the correct approach. This is genuine whether you’ve been preparing a few hours for every day for a long time, or whether you’ve quite recently pushed far from the shore on your first trip toward carrying on with the life you had always wanted.

Contend, win and spotlight on you

Consider it like this — even in the wearing scene, in particular, an Olympic occasion like sprinting where it shows up it is set up that it’s “You v.s. Them,” there’s as yet the need to center around running your own particular race. The rivalry is an extremely one of a kind and at last advanced theme to process.

Yet, it’s similarly as vital to utilize that aggressive vitality on bettering yourself and concentrating on doing the most perfectly awesome you can for yourself. The minute you begin stressing or looking once again your shoulder at what other individuals are doing, you lose center. You lose time. What appears like an unimportant second or two can totally move the worldview for how we see ourselves and what makes a difference most.

It’s really about drenching yourself in whatever you’re doing and getting “in the zone” with an end goal to be your best. As you manufacture an application or software, does it truly make a difference where you know or don’t know whether another person is endeavoring to infiltrate a similar market you’re after? I trust that answer is a resonating, No. Timing may matter in a few cases, however, the best item dependably wins.

The best exertion joined with your normal gifts, abilities, objectives, reason, and mission is indestructible and all-intense…

Set objectives. Set the bar high. Yet, don’t move these things around for what you see others do. This breeds envy and begrudges changes over itself into disappointment, outrage, desirously, disdain and even lethargy. Envy appears as though it’s a convertible vitality for good at first ridden. Be that as it may, it generally closes severely.

I backpedal to where I began — concentrating on two of the world’s most noteworthy sprinters and the scarcely discernible difference amongst winning and losing. Winner center around their race. Looser center around the race that the winner is running, and when they do it’s as a rule with a negative spirit. In this way, don’t stress over looking over your shoulder. The race is specifically before you.

Thanks for reading!

Have a positive Tuesday ahead…

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Wrought Up

I’m anxious
Lying here, alone with my fuzzy thoughts,
I search through the babel to make sense of it all.
My heart beats faster the farther I fall,
Stifling me slowly in a sea of my faults.
I spiral downward with every regret,
All the memories and pain I  could never forget.
Intense with shame and hate all the same,
I close my eyes only to wake in my bed.
Stress welded into my bones
Alone with my thoughts,
Alone once again…
My words and rhymes refrain
I can’t decipher them at all
I’m hitting them, the walls
You’re evanescing and that’s something I can’t bare
This wasn’t a mundane dream it was a nightmare.

How to avoid Nightmares and Insomnia?




1. Stick to an everyday sleeping pattern:


Being overtired can prompt bad dreams so attempt and confine your late nights to the end of the week and treat yourself to an early night sometimes. In the event that you go for a consistent sleeping pattern and hit the bed each night at the same time, this also could extraordinarily lessen the event of bad dreams. You should also avoid high-energy drinks, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee or tea, in the evenings. These contain caffeine that will keep you awake long into the night.

2. Keep away your phone:


When you curl up in bed each night, do you take your smartphone with you? Most people do. It might seem like the perfect opportunity to check your email, see what your friends are up to on social media or check tomorrow’s weather forecast and the list goes on.

Don’t do it.

Studies show that blue light emitted from your mobile device can damage your retina.

Also, it disrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep cycle. Not only will this result in more sleepless nights and fatigue, but can also lead to a variety of health problems including heart disease, weight gain, depression, and anxiety.



Here Indian mom is advising Spiderman to limit his phone usage.

Ultimate rule: Always listen to mom.

3. Try imagery rehearsal treatment:


Imagery rehearsal treatment is a type of cognitive therapy which has been found very effective in reducing nightmares in PTSD and insomnia patients.

  • For example, if you’re dreaming you’re being chased, you could imagine the monster that’s chasing you, when it catches you, saying “tag, you’re it” and it’s really a game of tag.
  • If you’re dreaming that you’re falling, you could imagine that a parachute opens up and saves you.
  • If a couple of ghosts are frightening you, try being bold and try to frighten them instead.
  • If Zombies are rushing to eat you, use your gaming skills and keep on shooting them until you slaughter hell out of ’em. Or, run your car over a zombie. You can basically use every privilege in your dreams. Trust me. Just learn every day, take control, master these above techniques, and you’re ready to roll. Booyah!


Thanks for reading!!!

Sleepy nights too you!

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56 Reasons why India should vote for BJP in 2019

A few days ago a Facebook post went viral in India. It contained a list of 56 reasons why one should not vote for the BJP in 2019. The title seems to be inspired by Netflix’s wildly popular series ’13 reasons why’. 13 has been substituted with 56 which is a possible reference to PM Modi’s ’56 inch ka seena’( seena is a Hindi word for “chest” ). The opinionated list is certifiably not an academic investigation, however, an insane resemblance of falsehoods, misleading statements, and creations. In any case, this is a free nation and everybody is allowed to express his/her conclusion.

Now, my cousin Abhishek Katoch, who studies and lives in Canada tagged me in that post. He’s a hardcore BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party is the ruling party in India) opposer and a Modi critic as well. I happen to support BJP and prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. So as a response to that post, I have made my own list of 56 Reason why India should vote for BJP in 2019.

Disclaimer: I have tried to keep all my points up to mark, and I’ve researched various statistics and data on the internet and only included them in my post if they came from reliable sources. I’ve provided links to the trusted articles published on unbiased media houses like Huffington Post, BBC, Firstpost, Financial Express, Times of India and government agency stats of India as well as Switzerland to support my arguments. I’m trying to spread awareness, and hence the post holds its relevance.

So why don’t you grab a cup of tea/coffee before we get started!!!


1) GST: One nation one tax rate

The launch of a new nationwide Goods and Services Tax (GST) in July transformed India’s 29 states into one market with one tax rate. Some critics will not agree with me but hey, this happens to be the best policy of Modi Government. This is going to help Indian economy in a long run. GST  would subsume with a single comprehensive tax, bringing it all under a single umbrella, eliminating the cascading effect of taxes on the production and distribution prices of goods and services.


GST offers benefits to the government, the industry, as well as the citizens of India. The price of goods and services is expected to reduce under the new reform, while the economy will receive a healthy boost. It is also expected to make Indian products and services internationally competitive.

2. Jan Dhan Yojna 

Jan Dhan Yojana propelled by PM Modi has prompted in excess of 30 crore individuals joining the banking system, in excess of 18 crores of the said accounts have been opened in rustic/semi-urban zones meaning it has prevailed in its objective of profiting the last individual. It is the biggest financial inclusion initiative in the world.

3. Indian Economy on a boom

We are the fastest growing economy in the world and are expected to retain the position for the whole next decade. Thanks to all the economic reforms made by BJP led NDA government.


4.  Smart Move to not lower the fuel prices

The smart move to not lower the fuel prices helped our government retain the fastest economy in the world.  This helped the Indian economy at a time when countries like Russia, Taiwan, and Brazil are facing recession while China’s growth is at a 25-year low. You can read more about it here on Huffington post

5. Make in India

Make in India is like a seed which is going to give our country as it will reap in the future. Total FDI equity inflows rose 35% to $45.9bn (3,02,940 Crores INR) in the span of 13 months till December 2015. According to India’s Department for Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) investments in the automobile industry were up by 45% to $3.5bn, compared with $2.4bn a year earlier. It is creating jobs at a very fast pace.

6. Ujjwala Yojana 

Ujjwala Yojana is another project which aimed to help the economically weaker section of the society. More than 5 crore beneficiaries have been provided with LPG connection under this scheme. Many middles, as well as upper-middle-class families, left their subsidies to support this scheme.

7. Swatch Bharat Abhiyan( Clean India movement)


Swacch Bharat or Clean India which promoted clean streets and strived to make India open defecation free by providing toilets for every household is another project which has been highly successful. Over six crore toilets were built in rural areas.

8. Digital India 


Top CEOs from India and abroad committed to invest ₹224.5 lakh crore (US$3.1 trillion) towards this initiative. … Oracle plans to invest in 20 states and will work on payments and Smart city initiatives. Digital India is building a digital infrastructure for delivering citizen services. The infrastructure is open and companies are encouraged to use it. Depending on the nature of their business, companies can benefit from one or more digital India services.



Aadhaar program was launched with the main objective to provide universal identity to every Indian resident. People can now get the card with much ease as its acceptance as a mandatory document for various initiatives has been officially made. All government services and benefits can directly be availed using AADHAR and Jan Dhan bank account hence removing intermediaries and reducing corruption.

10. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana( Protect and Educate Girl Child)


Looking at the brighter side the scheme actually worked and sex ratio has gone up from 856 to 957 in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, in Mansa, Punjab it has increased from 857 to 925. There has been an increasing trend in sex ratio at birth in a total of 104 districts. But sadly, India is a populous country and women are still not safe here. Let us hope for the best in the coming future.

11.  Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana( Permanent residence scheme)

With the mission of “Housing for All”, Government of India started the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). This aims to provide houses for all citizens of India until 2022.NDA government approved central aid of Rs 21,337 crore for this scheme. Read more about it

12.  The Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana( Crop insurance for farmers)


This is a government-backed insurance scheme which gives farmers, options to insure their crops on their own with the government subsidizing the premium, this has helped lakhs of farmers across India in various states.

13. Demonetisation 


Some people argue that demonetization was actually a failure of Modi government but still it has helped the government to track black money which was kept hidden by tax evaders and demonetization has helped it uncover the huge amount of unaccounted cash. It also promoted cashless India and helped to increase taxpaying community in India. You might argue that majority of currency which was banned came back into bank accounts, isn’t it? But this ultimately helped the government to track down the corruptionist and the work is still going. Read more about it here.

14. Tax revenue

Tax collection is the important revenue stream for any government. With robust tax revenues, a government can implement welfare programmes and infrastructure projects that benefit people. During the four years of the NDA government, the average gross tax revenue stood at Rs 15.91 lakh crore per year, as against Rs 8.36 lakh crore during UPA II and Rs 4.35 lakh crore during the first four years of UPA I.

15.  FDI inflows


Foreign direct investment (FDI) poured into the country under the NDA regime. During the four years of the Modi government, the country received a record average $52.2 billion in FDI annually, as compared to $38.4 billion under UPA II and $18.2 billion under UPA I. The various reforms initiated by the Modi government have been rewarded by record FDI inflows.

16. Surgical Strike


Surgical strikes conducted on Pakistani soil by the Indian Army was a bold move which proved that PM Modi led central government has dealt with Pakistan in the right way. India had faced countless attacks from Pakistan during the Congress era, a surgical strike by the Indian Army which had the backing of the central government was necessary. This gave a strong message that India is serious and strict about its defense policies

17. Reduced terrorist attacks.

Apart from Pathankot attack which was on a military base the strong policies and full support for decision making given to the military, there has been no major terrorist attack on civilian cities in India. Although there have been attacks on borders with Pakistan in Kashmir taking away lives of many military personals and civilians too.

A perusal of the data by the Ministry of Home Affairs shows that there were as many as 19 incidents of terrorist attacks in the hinterlands between 2009 and 2014. While four such attacks took place from 2015—Gurdaspur (2015), Kokrajhar attacks in 2016 and Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train bombing and Amarnath yatra attack in 2017.

18. Surgical Strike in Myanmar

Another surgical strike by the Indian Army happened in Myanmar where the Indian soldiers attacked the rebel groups by crossing Myanmar border. It sent a message that India was no longer going to take orders with folded hands but was ready to fight back.

19. Modernisation of Indian Army 

The Indian Army has been modernized and provided with better arms and ammunition, important objects such as bulletproof jackets. The country’s defense budget rose by 5.89 percent to $46.16 billion, against $43.59 billion in the previous year.


20. Per Capita GDP increased drastically

The per capita GDP rose significantly under the current NDA regime. It averaged out at Rs 91,153 at factor cost and Rs 1,12,556 at current market prices. It was almost half those amounts under both the UPA II and UPA I regimes.

21. Lower Inflation

Modi government has successfully achieved a lower inflation rate hence the price of goods are in control. The average CPI inflation stood at 3.58 percent in FY18 which lowest in the past decade.

22. RERA

Housing was one of the major problems in the country. The sector was largely unregulated and was an avenue to turn black money into white. Property prices in Indian cities were comparable to that of London and New York due to this. RERA is gradually improving the real estate sector and housing has become affordable since the last two or three years.

23. Ease of Doing Business


The monetary changes by Modi government enhanced the simplicity of working together positioning of the nation to in excess of 30 positions over the most recent four years. The simplicity of working together is a vital marker utilized by remote speculators and organizations to choose whether to enter into a nation to work together or not.

24. Shell firms crackdown

This move is going to help curb ‘only-on-paper’ firms which are used for malicious activities and money laundering. Read more about it here on financial express.

25. The National Register of Citizens draft in Assam

Another achievement of the NDA, the NRC aims to weed out the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from the state. NRC draft had been promised by the UPA but was never carried out by them. It took PM Modi to give the go-ahead to the draft.

26. Expenditure on Education

The expenditure on education during the UPA government was Rs. 65,867 crore, which has increased to Rs. 79,868 crore in the regime of NDA in 2017-18.
During UPA government’s regime (2013-14) the numbers of total universities in the country were 723 which have increased to 799 in the NDA regime (2016-17), which means during NDA regime 76 new universities have been established.

27.  Health Sector

In the year 2013-14, the UPA government used to spend just 1.2% of GDP on wellbeing, which has been expanded to 1.4% out of 2016-17. The NDA Government has made an arrangement of Rs. 48,878 crore for the wellbeing part for the year 2017-18, which was Rs. 37,330 crore in the year 2013-14.

The present government has pronounced another National Health Policy in 2017 under which it means to expand the normal age from 67.5 years to 70 years by 2025, with an objective of 2.5% of GDP on social insurance.

28. Industrial Development

Modi government performed better than UPA 2 in industrial as well as service sector and was par in the agricultural department.

29. Reduced Railway accidents


Railway accidents have been at an all-time low and the efficiency with which railways function has drastically improved. Read more about it here

30. Manning of railway crossing and track renewal

“There are 27,181 level crossings in India of which 19,480 are manned and 7,701 are unmanned. Planning has been made to eliminate unmanned level crossings along broad gauge tracks by 2020,” the official said.

The allocation of fund for track renewal has been almost doubled from the last five years average of Rs 5,548 crore to Rs 9,961 crore in the Budget Estimate of 2017-18.

31. Clean Railway stations, clean drinking water, and high-speed wi-fi.


Go and have a look at your city’s railway station. You’ll find that platforms are now being kept clean and you’ll find water stations with clean water. High- speed wi-fi is always a delight.

32. Catering at IRCTC 


India Railways catering has seen a big improvement, and action is taken if the food served to passengers on-board is not up to the mark.

33. Mass Electrification

The massive electrification drive started by PM Modi has made electricity available to all villages of India, 100% electrification of India is not just a dream anymore but is now a reality which is benefiting the last person in the Indian society.

34. Startup India

Startup India is an initiative of the Government of India.

The campaign was first announced by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his 15 August 2015 address from the Red Fort, in New Delhi. The action plan of this initiative is based on the following three pillars:

  1. Simplification and Handholding.
  2. Funding Support and Incentives.
  3. Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation.

35. Highway construction


When it comes to construction of national highways, the Modi government has built 28,531 km of national highways in its four years since 2014-15, which is 73 percent more against the 16,505 km achieved by the Manmohan Singh government in four years till 2013-14. The rate of highway construction touched almost 27 km per day in the period of April to June this year, as against 25 km per day in the same period last year. Read the full story here.

36. Triple Talaq bill

The bill will help Muslim women. Read more about it here

37. Air connectivity

Air connectivity has improved a lot mainly because of UDAAN scheme. According to the data, Indian airlines carried more than 12 crore passengers in the fiscal year 2017-18 against 6.1 crore passengers in the fiscal year of 2013-14. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the number of passengers is a whopping 19 percent. Under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) launched in April 2017, the government is working to make air travel affordable and increase the connectivity in tier two and tier three cities of the country. As many as 43 cities are expected to get regular connectivity under this new scheme and a dozen airports where limited but irregular flights operate will be connected

38. Eastern Peripheral Expressway

Completed in a record time of about 500 days against the scheduled target of 910 days and it is also a fully access-controlled six-lane expressway. This project has generated employment opportunities of about 50 lakh man-days.

39. Relations with Israel


Narendra Modi became the first PM of India to visit Israel where he made many key agreements in the areas of defense, agriculture, technology, and also by-passed Ramallah. The visit is said as “historic” in India- Israel relations.

40. Khelo India


Heavy campaigning and funding for promoting sports in India. The result is our good performance in Asian Games 2018. Read more about it on firstpost  here

41. Sushma Swaraj’s good foreign policy

Exemplary Social media presence of Ministry of External Affairs. Just one tweet and the ministry is there to help out the Indians who are in distress at any place on the globe.

42. India and Canada


Canada has always been our ally but their prime minister Justin Trudeau who’s believed to be a Khalistani sympathizer was given a royal snub by prime minister Modi which gave a global message that India will not compromise when it comes to its security and indigenousness.

43. A strong stance on Naxalism

Incidents of left-wing extremism have declined by 60% from 2,258 in 2009 to 908 in 2017. Casualties among security forces have declined by 53-55%. The geographical expanse of LWE-affected areas has also decreased by 40-45%. Read more about it here

44. Transparent E- coal auctions

The Narendra Modi government deserves credit for moving on a war footing to clean up the Coalgate mess with the successful e-auction of mines and taking the initiative to revive the country’s energy sector with quick decision-making, replacing the policy paralysis of the erstwhile UPA government.

Figures released by Coal Secretary Anil Swarup show that the proceeds from the sale of 32 mines in the coal block e-auctions have crossed Rs 2 lakh crore.

45. No Corruption at Central level

No major scam came into light in Modi government’s 4-year tenure, which indicates that the government was successful in providing a corruption-free government at least at the central level. Nonetheless, corruption is still a  major problem at lower tier of the system. But unlike UPA’s government, no major scam came into the picture. Guys are honest and transparent, that’s a general reputation.

46. Direct transfer of subsidies 

Direct transfer of subsidies has also succeeded in hacking away at the corruption which existed in the country. The subsidies are finally reaching the people they were meant for rather than filling the pockets of some government official.

47.  Delhi-Meerut Expressway

Delhi-Meerut Expressway, stretching from Nizamuddin Bridge to Delhi UP Border completed in record time of 18 months at a cost of about Rs 841.50 crore. It includes a 6-lane Expressway and 4+4 Service lanes, i.e. 14-lane facility from Nizamuddin Bridge in Delhi to UP Border. This is the first National Highway in the country with 14 lanes.

48. Smart Cities 


Government plans to upgrade and build 100 new smart cities across India which will have world-class infrastructure and smart ways of generating power and transportation. Although the work is still in progress and there are some hurdles which needed to be resolved to get it moving quickly.

49. Bullet Trains 

The country’s first bullet train is likely to start running between Mumbai and Ahmedabad by the end of 2022. The 508-km, high-speed train corridor is being built with Japanese assistance. This work has already started and you can get more lead on this here

50. Reduced black money in Swiss bank

Indian money in Swiss banks has come down by 80 percent under Modi Government contrary to media reports of it increasing by 50 percent. You can read the Swiss government’s original statistics here 

51. What about the black money in 100 days?

 Well, this question too has an answer. India and Switzerland inked the pact for implementation of AEOI last November. Now the exchange of information should start anywhere from 2019. Read it here

52. Relations with the US

Modi helped strengthened US-India relationship- PM Modi invited Barack Obama to be the Chief Guest at India’s Republic Day parade in January 2015. The new American president Donald Trump continued to improve ties with India and has also heavily cut down on the amount of aid offered to Pakistan by the USA.

53. Operation Rahat

Operation Raahat was an operation of the Indian Armed Forces to evacuate Indian citizens and foreign nationals from Yemen during the 2015 military intervention by Saudi Arabia and its allies in that country during the Yemeni Crisis. The evacuation by sea started on 1 April 2015 from Aden port.

54. Skill India

Under this scheme over 30%, skilled workers got jobs and the trend increased from over 3.5 lakh people in FY17 to nearly 16 lakh people in FY18.

55. Modi is popular around the world


Modi was recently ranked 3rd most popular leader in the whole world. Read about it here

56. Modi still popular at home


A recent survey said that 57% of people who voted for Modi in 2014 are satisfied with his work and he is still the most popular candidate for PM for elections next year. Here’s the survey.

Thank you for the read and do share this post with more people.

-Abhishek Pathania.


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The power of self- belief!

I’ve been trying to harness the power of self-belief for a few months now and I believe it’s really magical and has shown me astonishing results.

Here are the three guides which I’ve jotted down and can be used to acquiring and strengthening the power of belief:

1. Think success, don’t think failure.

At work, in your home,
substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When you
face a difficult situation, think, ”I’ll win,” not ‘I’ll probably lose.” When you compete with someone else, think, “I’m equal to the best,” not “I’m outclassed.” When opportunity
appears, think “I can do it,” never ” I can’t.” Let the master thought “I will succeed” dominate your thinking process.
Thinking success conditions your mind to create plans that produce success. Thinking failure does the exact opposite.
Failure thinking conditions the mind to think other thoughts that produce failure.

2. Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are. Successful people are not supermen. Success does not require a super intellect. Nor is there anything mystical about success. And success isn’t based on luck. Successful people are just ordinary folks who have developed a belief in themselves and what they do. Never-yes, never-sell yourself short.


3. Believe Big. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. Remember this, too! Big ideas and big plans are often easier -certainly
no more difficult than small ideas and small plans.


At last, remember that reading motivational quotes and articles won’t alone get you to the place you want to be. Most importantly you need to work. Mental strength and creative progress only happen through the experience and constant practice of putting our skills to work. For example, you want to climb a mountain. What do you need? Will staring mountain-top get you there? Obviously, no! You need to actually put efforts and get in shape to actually climb mountains. Don’t take motivating words as mere words alone. Actually, they’ll help you for a brief moment in time, they’ll fill a void – provide you with instant gratification, reinforcement, or distraction. But only -if combined with serious dedication towards a goal ( a goal with a solid roadmap and willpower to act on it) motivating words will act as a catalyst to your journey.


Thank you for reading –

“Keep an optimist heart and a realist’s brain”!

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How much your grades matter in the real job market

Back sometime I composed a post – Why Indian Engineers are unemployed.

Today it’s about ” How much your grades matter in the real job market“.

So this post is expected to illuminate my college mates, so on the off chance that you are here from that class group link, feel fortunate on the grounds that this post might help you in deciding a concrete path for the future.


So let’s get started!

College is the one place you spend your time and money, just to graduate and give your career a head start.

The question is – will you be able to do that?

Well, yes! Only if you are doing it right.


Most of us remain up throughout the night preparing for finals and midterms and even skip our most loved late night show or those online gaming sessions to prepare for the exam next day. In any case, the reality of the situation is, those innumerable hours spent slaving over your reading material may not make any difference with regards to the genuine job market.

Here are four reasons your college CGPA won’t make any difference once you graduate.

1. Everyone is above that 7.0 mark:


-Most deemed universities and private colleges tend to give higher grades to the majority of the students. This makes it harder to recognize the best students since more individuals are given the most elevated conceivable grades. Most of the companies have kept the cutoff for interviews to as low as 6.7.

So while you may feel that having a 9.0 aggregate places you in the main 2% of all college graduates, you may in reality just be in the best 43%, which prompts my second point…

2.Access to official transcripts:


If you are wondering what transcript means, then let me clarify. Transcript in education is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned by a student throughout a course of study. There are official transcripts and transcripts which can be made by the student and verified and attested by an authorized person. constrained and moderates the enlisting procedure for employers( This was from Wikipedia)
To simply say the transcript is your report card or grad certificate awarded after your complete your graduation containing the whole report of your graduation period.
So if you went to a college in an Indian university and move to the United States searching for work, do you truly think your boss will request that you arrange your transcripts and have them sent in from the nation over, just to be looked at then discarded 5 minutes after the fact? Most likely not. Also, the validity of transcript conversion is a matter of concern in the sense it’s not possible to validate it from a country over.

3.Job experience comes first:-


So now it’s clear that CPGA doesn’t matter much. So what’s the key to getting hired and stand above that 43 % similar guys with similar grades? The answer is obviously Job experience or Internship. Ultimately, managers need to enlist somebody they feel will have the capacity to take care of business. No business needs to drift behind you throughout the day when they ought to deal with their own workload.

We’ve all heard the expression “time is money”, and most businesses would rather pick somebody with years of experience added to their repertoire. This eventually spares the organization time and cash.

4. Network:-

download (1)

Your networking is most important. You could be a 9.0 undergrad, however, in the event that you have no associations in the field you need to seek after, finding work might be harder than you might suspect. This is the reason it is vital to stay in touch with individuals who can enable you to discover those occupations later on.

Now an important question?

images (2)

Is a guy with a 9.0 CPGA more intelligent than a someone with a 7.5 CGPA? Not necessarily. There are numerous components that can figure out what your general CGPA will be. For instance, if the person with the 7.5 CGPA additionally had a part-time job, an interesting project under his cap and 2 good internships, that is significantly more noteworthy than a person with a 9.0 CGPA and no association in exercises, entry-level positions or occupations.

Having relevant work experience is must to post-graduation achievement. Studies show that pertinent work encounter is more vital than college evaluations to imminent managers, taking note of:

“Businesses and job market put more weight on understanding, especially entry-level positions and work amid college versus scholarly qualifications including CGPA and college major when assessing a current graduate for work.”

So to summarize:-
A high CGPA unquestionably helps, yet the below pointers are more important to grab a job
1. Job experience
2. Internship
3. In-depth knowledge of subjects
4. Communication skills

So if you are reading this, and want to get hired, you should start working on above points. Don’t waste your time in achieving those high CGPAs, instead utilize that time in building your skills and you that is what matters the most.


So the answer to the above meme is that you can get an internship in India by following Internshala, letsintern or you could also mail a company for allowing you in for an internship.Most of the companies are willing to provide the free internship.For building a network you should have a decent LinkedIn account so that companies can find you.Also try to contact some working professionals, professors or people related to your field through social networking sites.This will surely help someday or another for getting suggestions, recommendations, and feedbacks.

For in-depth knowledge of subjects:- Don’t mug up conceptual theory, instead try to learn it in a way so that you remember it for long. Practical knowledge is all that companies need.
For computer Science students you can learn online from Udemy, coursera, and edX. I have over 15 paid Udemy courses. I’m willing to share at minimal costs, just mail me.

Building communication skill is really important to work in a global market. You should participate in group discussions, debates and learn to boost up your vocabulary. Get in healthy discussions with your friends and intellectual relatives over topics you love. This will help you in gathering thoughts, experiences and ultimately help you to draw your own conclusions, making you a better communicator.

I’m sure if followed religiously, this guide will surely land you a dream job!

Don’t worry if you have low CGPA, just focus on building up your skills and everything you dream will be in your pocket.

Feel free to comment and do share this post with your friends if you found it worth a read.

download (4)


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Why Indian engineers are unemployed?

This is a critical question that every engineer seeks an answer. Stick until the end and you might know the answer and probably avoid falling into that category!!!

“India is one of the largest producers of engineers in the world.Yet the quality of engineering is so poor that only 7-8% of engineering graduates are employable”.

The above excerpt from Wikipedia says it all about our stagnant condition.

India produces more than 1.5 million engineers every year which is more than the engineers produced by USA and China combined. The total engineering colleges in India boasts a whopping number of more than 3500 colleges and the number is increasing rapidly every year.

But employment rates were just 4-8% in the software industry with an overall average of 14 %.

What makes a student opt for engineering?

Despite negative statistics and high unemployment rates Indian student live in an illusion that :

After the become engineers they will work in swanky air-conditioned offices, drive lambos , live in luxurious penthouses, fly in business class every weekend and what not. But the bitter truth is that most students find it very difficult to find a decent opening which can sustain their basic needs. I mean boy! Your dad puts lakhs of money into your course, you write assignments like donkeys, run behind your teacher to get it signed like mad dogs and what you get at last?

Alas! God dammit you get nothing.

Nothing really and I mean it.

Most teachers in engineering colleges will convict students like ” Hey look punks today is the test of what I taught yesterday!! If you get suppose 2/10 you donkeys will write the whole test for


And 8*2=16 times!!!

What a great logic!!! Fuck it

I ask what is the fuckin outcome of this shit?

” Listen donkeys you punks might think that what you will get after writing this punishment? You will feel more improved after writing the punishment” This would be the nasty reply of the teacher.

I honestly doubt this theory.Can you transform a donkey into a horse?

Even I didn’t feel any improvement in writing test punishment for hours( Most of you would agree with me).It just made my hand numb and my ears deaf ( I listen to  Eminem while writing punishment at full bass:P)

Absolutely not !! It will not serve  any purpose except making our father say ” Hey look our child is working so hard”

Now talking serious, the students are so chained in clerical and theoretical work that they hardly get time and the push to go beyond the books.


We are yet to break the shackles of British education system. The Britishers introduced English in India just because they can easily communicate with us.They created a system which would produce clerks and translators. Their ultimate goal to educate Indians was to use them as slaves.
After so many years of independence, we are following the same lead.We, engineers, are master at mugging up and puking everything on exam sheets.

Now the question arises:

1. Why is syllabus nostalgia of products and methods?

2. Why does student memories long answers when the industry demands skill and not even remotely concerned with power to memorize?

To keep you going let us look at the story

“A rich father was very happy as his son completed his degree in computer science that too with a gold medal. Therefore he was proud and overwhelmed that he decided to throw a party at his house. He invited all his family members and friends.

Party began. There was music, drinks, foods and what not.The mood was all set but suddenly the music stopped.Everyone started looking at the DJ.” Ahh fuck man, my lappie went down again. The son of a bitch”. Mom said ” Hey call someone to repair it.The show must go on”

The proud father who was drunk a bit said ” Why should we call someone.My son is a computer engineer and that too gold medalist.He will get it fixed in a blink of a second”

The son replied ” Father they didn’t teach us this at the college”

Palm slap moment!!! (:P Universal truth in India)

What is the solution?

Readers, it would be a sheer injustice to pin the responsibility of this on just one set of stakeholders. It is our “collective responsibility” to get this problem solved.

“Success has many fathers, failure has none”

We take pride to celebrate the accomplishment of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadela and many Indians which made us proud.But we forget the plight of millions of engineers who are still unemployed.

We cannot make the system as a culprit every time.Our system is vague, disgrace, vain but it can be improved by collective efforts of teacher and students.

There are egoistic teachers who are not willing to teach and there are some who lack skills. Some professors of tier 2,3 colleges don’t even have a proper grasp on English (such freaks should be banished 😛 Imfao)

Enough of bitching about teachers. Now students of engineering also lack discipline and dedication.

Tell them that tomorrow’s test is canceled. They will stop studying immediately. This is not acceptable in the industry because no employer has the patience to ensure that there is always a carrot on the stick to keep you focussed ( You are humans, Not bunnies Lmfao)

PS:- Now let me conclude the whole shit.

” The race is not the supply vs demand instead its quality vs demand. Rest is discarded”

This world is so vast that you will be lost and beaten down by everybody in its infinite wilderness.

If you want to transform yourself then dedication, discipline, and determination are the 3’Ds to be successful.

Now if you are still reading go work hard boy! I have thrown a lot of inspiration towards you for today!!!

Let me know if you caught it…below in the comments.