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Lovely Sunday Morning

Melodic mornings
sing in soft breeze whispers
as tiger lilies smile
along a wandering
fence line blushing

add the sweetest harmonies
to this wondrous concerto
of a new dawn breaking
on the far horizon

The day renews across the sky
As the world awakens again
Slowly the clockwork creaks and groans
And well-rehearsed life energizes the day.

Whispering sonnets
this morning you’re sleeping
Hoping your dreams
are a beautiful view

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Wednesday Motivation

Do you need some energy refills?

Today I’m sending you jolly thoughts

Paint this Wednesday with a wide brush – the colour is orange

Enthusiasm’s colour – tropics – orange blossom – the colour of hope

Reflecting on life – be focused on the jewels we already have

Not in the past or the future – today

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Whoa, hold on a minute!

Life keeps passing us by

So learn to ride its highs

Don’t get hung up on its whoa’s

In this world of so many unknowns

Take it all in nice and slow

This makes it possible for us to grow

So your life will continue to flow

Like a moving picture show

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Nobody but you

In life you will lose companions, family and friends, yet regardless of who leaves your life, never lose yourself. The most essential things to figure out how to do is to love yourself when you feel unloved by those around you & be there for yourself when you feel like you have nobody.

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Choose your peeps wisely!



When its dark,

A good friend will shine like a bright  star


A fake one will give you deep, deep scars.


So, remember it is always wise to use discretion when picking new friends because they are the one with whom you will hanging out till the end, with whom lots of time you will cheerfully spend,  someone on which you no have doubt and can depend!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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A Question to live by

To my prudence, love, knowledge and glee.

We spent nights and days, talking endlessly,

Of sorrow, thoughts, books, future, reality,

So close we were but, we never knew why.

A sibling? Lover? Friend? Partner?

We dreamt of living, together and free,

Of doing everything, that we couldn’t complete.

But Alas! Life came, and tore us apart,

Made us, not one, but two hearts.

Never feeling the fact, I carried on.

Never knowing me full, it carried on.

I was never able, to show till now

How much I loved it, does it matter now?

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Tuesday Motivation

All the positive states of mind such as love, compassion, insight and so on, have the quality that you can enhance their capacity and increase their potential to a limitless degree, if you regularly practice them through training and by developing constant familiarity with them.

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Memories of the Past

He’s in pain and a lot of stress

Disappointments seem to be smashing his chest

His believe is terrorized by hurricanes

There’s a void in his soul

He wishes to fill the gaps

But he’s about to collapse

He hopes someone would care

But in this world,

No one ever truly cares

When it hurts he find himself alone

Yes he’s feeling like an empty shell

His believe is frozen nearly to death

He’s not prepared and ready to fight

The lane is crowded with creeping shadows,

The last of the light is almost gone,

Darkness prevails in the tragic night

He wish to run away

away from his tears, fears and peers

But it isn’t as easy as it seems

There’s a heaven just in his daydreams

He knows to get away from his problems

must he never run away, but learn to endure.

He takes out his bike and goes for a ride

His heart beats the courage of the quest,

In a hope that road’s last turn will be the best.

But Alas!

The road’s last turn was a tragic end

He meets an accident and later bleeds to death

Because past memories are here to stay,

Untill they go black and fade away.

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Seasons of the Earth 🌍

The paradisal green hill
holds a floral formation
A sign of dynamic beginning
sprouting forth -a peaceful trail

Blue waters caress
a craggy shore
as light drenches earth’s floor
a wilderness – with utter brilliance

Crimson red grapes
shine beneath the sky
sun surrenders to its twilight fate
glowing embers -of an autumn tree

Grass and weeds asleep
Riding winter’s wind
Snow drift, snow flakes in a snow line
Cold moon rising- a frozen scarecrow