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The Joy of living

Now I get it

it’s not about
the epoch-making events

it’s about
memorable moments

moments that
thrill you to pieces

being in the moment
with your whole being

being at one
with the cosmos

that may be

Have a thrilling Weekend! 😄

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Crack of dawn

At midnights I wait

Wait for something apparent

Till I realize

That’s not what I want

So I refocus

I listen to the silence

To the wonderful loving silence

As the murky night engulfs

The skyline

Full in itself

And I realize the wait

Was for its appreciation

Calling attention to itself

Calling out for laud

And unequir admiration

As hours pass by pondering

In the stillness of dawn

I hear the sounds from within

Echos of silence, of existence

Of infinity, of love

On the edge of a new day

I hear the call

I feel the urge of renascence

Of growth, of life