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How much your grades matter in the real job market

Back sometime I composed a post – Why Indian Engineers are unemployed.

Today it’s about ” How much your grades matter in the real job market“.

So this post is expected to illuminate my college mates, so on the off chance that you are here from that class group link, feel fortunate on the grounds that this post might help you in deciding a concrete path for the future.


So let’s get started!

College is the one place you spend your time and money, just to graduate and give your career a head start.

The question is – will you be able to do that?

Well, yes! Only if you are doing it right.


Most of us remain up throughout the night preparing for finals and midterms and even skip our most loved late night show or those online gaming sessions to prepare for the exam next day. In any case, the reality of the situation is, those innumerable hours spent slaving over your reading material may not make any difference with regards to the genuine job market.

Here are four reasons your college CGPA won’t make any difference once you graduate.

1. Everyone is above that 7.0 mark:


-Most deemed universities and private colleges tend to give higher grades to the majority of the students. This makes it harder to recognize the best students since more individuals are given the most elevated conceivable grades. Most of the companies have kept the cutoff for interviews to as low as 6.7.

So while you may feel that having a 9.0 aggregate places you in the main 2% of all college graduates, you may in reality just be in the best 43%, which prompts my second point…

2.Access to official transcripts:


If you are wondering what transcript means, then let me clarify. Transcript in education is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned by a student throughout a course of study. There are official transcripts and transcripts which can be made by the student and verified and attested by an authorized person. constrained and moderates the enlisting procedure for employers( This was from Wikipedia)
To simply say the transcript is your report card or grad certificate awarded after your complete your graduation containing the whole report of your graduation period.
So if you went to a college in an Indian university and move to the United States searching for work, do you truly think your boss will request that you arrange your transcripts and have them sent in from the nation over, just to be looked at then discarded 5 minutes after the fact? Most likely not. Also, the validity of transcript conversion is a matter of concern in the sense it’s not possible to validate it from a country over.

3.Job experience comes first:-


So now it’s clear that CPGA doesn’t matter much. So what’s the key to getting hired and stand above that 43 % similar guys with similar grades? The answer is obviously Job experience or Internship. Ultimately, managers need to enlist somebody they feel will have the capacity to take care of business. No business needs to drift behind you throughout the day when they ought to deal with their own workload.

We’ve all heard the expression “time is money”, and most businesses would rather pick somebody with years of experience added to their repertoire. This eventually spares the organization time and cash.

4. Network:-

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Your networking is most important. You could be a 9.0 undergrad, however, in the event that you have no associations in the field you need to seek after, finding work might be harder than you might suspect. This is the reason it is vital to stay in touch with individuals who can enable you to discover those occupations later on.

Now an important question?

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Is a guy with a 9.0 CPGA more intelligent than a someone with a 7.5 CGPA? Not necessarily. There are numerous components that can figure out what your general CGPA will be. For instance, if the person with the 7.5 CGPA additionally had a part-time job, an interesting project under his cap and 2 good internships, that is significantly more noteworthy than a person with a 9.0 CGPA and no association in exercises, entry-level positions or occupations.

Having relevant work experience is must to post-graduation achievement. Studies show that pertinent work encounter is more vital than college evaluations to imminent managers, taking note of:

“Businesses and job market put more weight on understanding, especially entry-level positions and work amid college versus scholarly qualifications including CGPA and college major when assessing a current graduate for work.”

So to summarize:-
A high CGPA unquestionably helps, yet the below pointers are more important to grab a job
1. Job experience
2. Internship
3. In-depth knowledge of subjects
4. Communication skills

So if you are reading this, and want to get hired, you should start working on above points. Don’t waste your time in achieving those high CGPAs, instead utilize that time in building your skills and you that is what matters the most.


So the answer to the above meme is that you can get an internship in India by following Internshala, letsintern or you could also mail a company for allowing you in for an internship.Most of the companies are willing to provide the free internship.For building a network you should have a decent LinkedIn account so that companies can find you.Also try to contact some working professionals, professors or people related to your field through social networking sites.This will surely help someday or another for getting suggestions, recommendations, and feedbacks.

For in-depth knowledge of subjects:- Don’t mug up conceptual theory, instead try to learn it in a way so that you remember it for long. Practical knowledge is all that companies need.
For computer Science students you can learn online from Udemy, coursera, and edX. I have over 15 paid Udemy courses. I’m willing to share at minimal costs, just mail me.

Building communication skill is really important to work in a global market. You should participate in group discussions, debates and learn to boost up your vocabulary. Get in healthy discussions with your friends and intellectual relatives over topics you love. This will help you in gathering thoughts, experiences and ultimately help you to draw your own conclusions, making you a better communicator.

I’m sure if followed religiously, this guide will surely land you a dream job!

Don’t worry if you have low CGPA, just focus on building up your skills and everything you dream will be in your pocket.

Feel free to comment and do share this post with your friends if you found it worth a read.

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