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A real encounter with wolves😨😨

I saw a dream last night.

It was so scary that I woke up abruptly, panting and sweating at 2:00 Am.

Normally I sleep late

night but yesterday somehow fell asleep at 10:30 pm.

So here I’m trying to remember that dream.

I’m driving my car through some old countryside road. It’s midnight probably and my car broke down,

by just

then the moon, sailing through the black clouds, appeared behind the

jagged crest of a beetling, pine-clad rock, and by its light I saw

around me a ring of wolves, with white teeth and lolling red tongues,

with long, sinewy limbs and shaggy hair. They were a hundred times more

terrible in the grim silence which held them than even when they howled.

For myself, I felt a sort of paralysis of fear.

It is only when a man

feels himself face to face with such horrors that he can understand

their true import😱. Although it was a dream, felt so real.

Before I could catch my breath, the pack started marching towards me. My heart starts beating loudly and it was going to pump out, just then a heavy cloud passed across

the face of the moon, so that I was again in darkness.

This is when I woke up somehow and realized that it was just a dream!


I don’t dream often at night , thanks to my late night sleeping schedule😁

I think that I slept early that night and that was the cause of such a horrible dream🙍

What’s your case?😋

Do your dream?

I would love to read your experiences in the comment section😁