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A long time ago in a land far, far away….

A drive

Racing my way down the luxuriant hill,
under the sun
I drive with joy, into the arms of the majestic one
Savoring the moment passing by …
I listen
The wind whispers — watching leaves as they glisten
What an enchanting view, so mesmerized …
I drive fast
A gentle breeze wraps its arms all over me, my hands still on the wheel.
The passion I feel you know what I mean
Winter’s adventure just begun
Intoxicated by the blossoms …
I keep on driving, in a silent shun
Dreaming and romancing with my latest love
Yes November! You’re the one.

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Ray of hope

Murkiness would fall sick and hope would step in

Beginning of recuperation and mending would gladden

This fire will light up another way

Spirits will start to support the brain

Hopelessness transforms into serenity

Light is essential forever and now life has new significance

My soul is alive, again!