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A menacing road, the fresh snow glistens.

A snowy owl stops and listens.

A scuttling rodent becomes his meal

I don’t want to know how it feels

My home is not so far away, just a walking distance.

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One crew – A Limerick

What does religion mean to you?
Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Hindu?
This concept is too narrow
Covid-19 serves to show
How humanity can be one crew.

The worldwide crisis due to COVID-19 has prompted many religious leaders to appeal to their followers to not only take safety precautions but also to embrace their spirituality to help confront the health, social, and economic challenges ahead. Majority of people are offering their prayers from their homes as most of the Temples, Churches, Mosques and Shrines have been closed.

Many religion groups are providing charity services, including distributing food to the underprivileged, donating medical equipments to the undersupplied communities and providing shelters to the travellers who are locked down in foreign cities.

It’s great to see all religions adapt and alter long-standing religious practices to unite against a common enemy 🌸🌻

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Our unsung Hereos

Locked in my house, I’ll resume
Writing limericks to lift some gloom.
But nothing that I do
Can ever compare to
The heroism that is on bloom.

This Limerick is dedicated to all our doctors, nurses, teachers, volunteers, and delivery drivers, who are working hard to make sure people are looked after, vital supplies are delivered to shops, and things run smoothly amidst the nation wide lockdown due to COVID-19. It’s our responsibility to do our part by staying at home.

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She asked “Look at that boy. Will he ever taste success ?”

I said give me a chance to make a calculated guess.

If he can multiply

He’ll fly and reach the sky.

If he divides, he’ll turn his own life into a mess.

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Purpose of life

Why is it that we endlessly strive?
What greater meaning gives us our drive?
The truth, it must be said
Is banal, I’m afraid:
Life’s purpose is just to stay alive.