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Her Prince

As the darkness prevails

Unseen demons there await

outside in the moon light

Curled in the corner, eyes shut,

she weeps, in fright.

Beneath closed eyelids

her golden prince rescues her

from endless darkness.

But he has no golden armor,

Just strong arms, to hold her tight.

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Dear Tom

I’m alone these days

So I watch stars

at night

But it’s really hard

to understand how far

they are when

they seem so close

They don’t tip off strangers

They know how to keep secrets


Actually I never really

cared about them

until my only friend Tom


He was a true friend and my

Only companion

I remember the day when

Dad bought him home

It was raining


I grew up with him

We’d run carefree

wander the hills

and kiss the clouds

Night we’d watch

the stars across

the lake.

Tom didn’t really care

about the stars

He just loved to run.


But youth has a way

of slipping away and the sun sets on our fate.

the appointment comes that we

all have to make.

And then the light dwindles and

it moves from the face to the sky.


I see him now

In the Sirius

He’s so bright

Outshining the other stars

His tongue hanging down and

those eyes so blue and full of light.

My boy’s shine will never fade

There he is running as always



You were my best friend