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A Beautiful Autumn Morning

During early hours of the morning
I often linger along the edge of this lake
Welcomed with crunch and rustle of leaves
I stand for a while under the autumn tree

The birds fly and the wind blows
Voices of the insects, deer by the fence
On frosted air, aromas drift in a sway
Colours swirl alive in orange, yellow and red

A wishful whisper undulating in the breeze
Eagles nest high beyond the reach
Prism forms by the early sun ray
The lovely autumn day, the new mown hay

Flowers smile and the squirrels chatter
Mountains in the distance, behold the splendor
Scented pines enravish the sweetness
It’s a beautiful day, I am grateful to take!

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Hues of dawn

The dawn is fragrant with a ruby rose,
Golden shining sun shyly winks

Such pretty flowers sing
I watch as stillness flings

Footprints follow like a shadow as I walk
Never saw, never felt, a moment so calm

Brightened beats stage a warm heart
Wealth of music, words, fine art.

On the wings of time wounds fly
A rage swallowed with no sigh.

This earth is so lovely
Why then our sad story?

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Lovely Sunday Morning

Melodic mornings
sing in soft breeze whispers
as tiger lilies smile
along a wandering
fence line blushing

add the sweetest harmonies
to this wondrous concerto
of a new dawn breaking
on the far horizon

The day renews across the sky
As the world awakens again
Slowly the clockwork creaks and groans
And well-rehearsed life energizes the day.

Whispering sonnets
this morning you’re sleeping
Hoping your dreams
are a beautiful view

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One day when I woke up at night!

One cold, sunny day
When it was raining outside
the glorious dark brightness
was perky and sublime.

The midnight that evening-
the morning at noon –
was late in October
One May in June.

I sat where I stood
as I ran, lying still
Deep down in the abyss
Over the hill.

The fish in the tree
Were sleeping in their nests
Birds were swimming
As the sun rose from the west.

Raccoons playing trumpet
Ducks hunting crows
The people beside me
were swaying to and fro.

Yes, that’s what I saw
when my eyes were closed tight,
one cold, sunny day
on a rainy, snowy night.

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Early morning bliss

I woke up in the wake of hearing a clamor on the top of my farmhouse,

it seemed like a couple of cats, presumably battling about something they always do.

I was awake now and glanced at the clock, it said 04.30,

and I thought that I would go for an early morning walk around the mountains and attempt to catch the dawn.

First of all, some hot tea to begin the day,

I opened the front entryway shutting it discreetly as I went out so as not to wake the family.

I advanced down the untrodden way that would take me to the cliffs nearby.

The sun had not yet risen and there was coolness noticeable all around and I was sorry that I had not carried a windcheater with me.

Steadily I headed up the way with ridges to one side and right of me, mountain grass developed in clusters on each risen hill.

Looking upwards towards the west I saw a couple of stars still noticeable in the darkish fix of the sky, however, it would not be well before they vanished from the sight.

I proceeded on and afterward, I knew about a sound that I had heard ordinarily previously, it became louder as I strolled down the way and I halted for a minute to hear it out, Yes,

It was the unquestionable sound of Asian Koel, such a relieving sound I thought, the dawn chorus.

I crested the hill and the view I saw would remain with me perpetually and I just remained in complete amazement and ponder.

A brilliant sphere was beginning to ascend not too far, it blinded me for a minute and I turned away at that point swung back to take a gander at it incidentally, at the scene, the introduction of another day.

A young lady out for an early morning run lifted her arm to give me a decent morning wave;

I waved back and proceeded to the edge getting a charge out of the excellent snapshot of the sun rising.

I strolled along and no less than a hour had passed by since I had set out,

at this point the sun was warming me up and I just knew today would have been a scorcher later on.

I cherish these early morning strolls where I feel that I have the entire world to myself,

however, all great things reach an end and now people were beginning to land to share

my reality, joggers, and individuals strolling their pooches, it was beginning to get occupied.

Then my phone rang and little did I knew that it was there in my pocket the whole time.

It was my cousin sister who informed that everyone was up and breakfast is going to be served soon.

I paced my steps back to the home thinking about how luckier I could ever get.

Yes, I thought, breakfast, the second best thing to happen this morning and the day was only just beginning.