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The road uphill


Building a strong character is a continuous process. It’s like a never-ending journey. You’ll witness growth, failures, improvements, and adversities. All you gotta do is take it all in and do what’s right. Get up when you fall. Cry for a moment if you’re hurt, but don’t let the pain sink in. Grow. Act. Never give up.

  – An Ambitious guy




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Tuesday motivation

10 simple yet effective mantras to keep you going!!!


#1. Believe in yourself

#2. Focus on the positive

#3. Take risks

#4. Be yourself

#5. Love what you do

#6. Put your energy in the right place

#7. Define success for yourself

#8. Keep trying to be better

#9. Follow your dreams

#10. Have fun



It ain’t easy to keep going

when times are hard

Keep shining in the dark

When you wanna fall apart

But you my friend need to rise

life ain’t easy it’s so tough

But it won’t stop a dreamer from dreaming

A believer won’t stop believing

Stand up there’s no time for grieving

Hold on you’re a bird

Look at those features

There’s so bright

Are they meant to be caged?

No! They are made for the flight

So rise and fly

I wanna see you touch that sky

Hope is a good thing

Maybe the best of things

And no good thing

Ever dies!


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Friday Motivation

You need to select your thoughts just the way you choose your outfit for a fresh day. The only thing you can control is your mind, and that’s the only thing that matters the most, the only thing you should be trying to control.


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Tuesday Motivation

Each idea

Each declined feeling

Will surrender you in time

Every reliant

Is a tiled addendum

To your blunt arms

Try not to fool yourself

You’re shrewd ,

You’re exceptional yet

Every diversion

Brings a closeness

That you can’t sew

With stolid clench hands

Like a light

You’re an island

To which individuals will stick

You’re smart be that as it may, but

Don’t Fool yourself .

Remember this famous quote from Richard Feynman :-
The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great Tuesday.