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Today’s Reality

Moral compass lost

Spirituality gone

Faith’s lighthouse in need!

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Whoa, hold on a minute!

Life keeps passing us by

So learn to ride its highs

Don’t get hung up on its whoa’s

In this world of so many unknowns

Take it all in nice and slow

This makes it possible for us to grow

So your life will continue to flow

Like a moving picture show

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Memories of the Past

He’s in pain and a lot of stress

Disappointments seem to be smashing his chest

His believe is terrorized by hurricanes

There’s a void in his soul

He wishes to fill the gaps

But he’s about to collapse

He hopes someone would care

But in this world,

No one ever truly cares

When it hurts he find himself alone

Yes he’s feeling like an empty shell

His believe is frozen nearly to death

He’s not prepared and ready to fight

The lane is crowded with creeping shadows,

The last of the light is almost gone,

Darkness prevails in the tragic night

He wish to run away

away from his tears, fears and peers

But it isn’t as easy as it seems

There’s a heaven just in his daydreams

He knows to get away from his problems

must he never run away, but learn to endure.

He takes out his bike and goes for a ride

His heart beats the courage of the quest,

In a hope that road’s last turn will be the best.

But Alas!

The road’s last turn was a tragic end

He meets an accident and later bleeds to death

Because past memories are here to stay,

Untill they go black and fade away.

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My best friend

When you speak.
You say kind things.
There’s a charm in your voice.
And laughter in your smile.
While the sun shines through,
You pass on happiness,
and that’s a good sign.
No time for tears or
unhappy times.
So my little ray of
Sunshine make my day.
When all be well
so I may dance and play,
And never be sad again.

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Winters, Life and You

are lonely
Life with a blanket of snow
As I look out my window
I see a new day
Smell the clean scent
Waiting for the
sun to shine and pierce through


a confusing wasteland
of emotions
and fights
for a happy mind
and heart.
It is full
of beautiful sorrow
and favored happiness.
Life is a boomerang


You’re the star
you wish to reach
Stars aren’t as high
as you think
Nor are they above you
You already are a star and the dream
You are for keeps


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My journey is a bit rhapsodic
Owned by
Deceptive roads, deceitful milestones
Friends who turned enemies
Also, enemies who never became friends
Life feels like an enigma
Which I’m unable to break

But I’ve sternly decided
To race every mile with a breathless poem
With whispering pine-trees clouds and rivers
I’ll fuse into to the ocean like rain
wearing my cashmere tuxedo of dark verses
Wet in tears of joy and sadness of a few
Whom I loved with
overflowing hurt I caused

It’s becoming a cliché to complain
Negativity is just a garbage
taking up tons of space in my mind
Fill it with positivity?
I’ll Burn the frowns,
Praise the smiles,
I’ll Break through the storm, dance in the rain
Travel into space, reach for the stars

Before I do that
I want to sit
under the benign sky
listening to the soft wind
breathing through the grass
crying on my woe
the slow dance of the infinite stars
Will serve as a beautiful solace


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Set me free

I’ll walk between the milky-ways
Where Interstellar dust –
Adorns the blazing Constellations
I’ll chase my elusive dreams
Where dappling sunlight creeps amidst
the daunting contradictions
I’ll Shine among the crowded stars
where heaven’s light
penetrate the black voids
I’m the maverick
I know that
I’m the majestic
I know that too
But for now
I’m waiting for you
to set me free.
Will you?
set me free?

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To yourself

You are not
your insecurities
you are the strength
of the mountains
and the wisdom
of the rivers

You are not
the lad
in distress
You are the dragon
bringing fear
to the hearts
of men

you are everything

So breath your fire
and unleash
your strength
on the world

They will never know
what hit them


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My perfect illusion

Dreaming, lazily
I see my past
with more clearity
all my doubts now
answered amply

I can live,
Live without disdain
Lost friends I’ll regain
accepting the occasional mundane

I can read more,
learn more,
Spend my time with greater purpose
Sprinkling fun into drudgery, nothing left to remorse

I can do so much more
So many different ways to create joy galore
Menial tasks needn’t be a chore
Instead i’ll travel and explore

Only now can I see
the failure of my choices
Surrounded by better options, concious concussions

There can be more laughter
With humor, I can be an injector
Mastering quiet,
when others speak I’m the active listener

This leads to a more fulfilling existence
A life of broad acceptance
In which I make a difference
My perfect illusion!