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THEY – Tell me

on a starry night
my glare stares silently into the stars
seemingly seeking solace
in their superiority
how they smoothly sail through
the cosmic abyss
they might as well be me
so I am – them, they tell me
with my consciousness
dreaming of sunlight
not forseeing the inevitable
the inescapable death
they tell me to keep shining
continue radiating that light
till end of the time
through rain through pain

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Snowdrop blooms in the late winter snow, a baby bird breaks through its shell, trees reach for the sky, the river flows to meet the sea, the star blinks in the vast night, all in a sense to proclaim – “I exist!”

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Life and 2021

Life is going like the road to another hilltop with lots of hairpin curves. It’s all about the journey on the road and not the destination to the hilltop.

One moment I’m at the black sand beach watching my toes getting devoured by the wet sand, listening to the thundering waves; watching the sky turn its hours into colors. Then in the next moment I get a flat tire leaving me aghast.

But someone always comes up to help me. I get to meet an interesting stranger or maybe I persevere and figure out how to change my condition myself? Sometimes I just leave the damn motorbike and walk. Then stumble upon a moment meant only for my eyes.

So all in all – I’d say life is living.

With or without me but while I am here, I do my best to enjoy those small moments that add up to being my life.


This and the last year has been draining for almost everyone I know. Hearing people losing jobs and loved ones to COVID, I came to realise that how miniscule our lives are. We worry to much about the future thinking we will do this, go there, achieve that and all other overthinking stuff. In reality, you never know what fate has for you in the next moment.

2021 is coming to an end and today through this post, I’m extending my gratitude to almighty god for blessing me and my family with his wonderful creation – ‘life’
I didn’t write much on my blog this year. Infact, I hardly opened it. But hey, no regrets. At least I got to experience other cool things, do stuff that felt important and made me a better person overall.
A lot happened this year and I’m trying to rewind and list few things that I believe mattered most.

– Getting to live with my parents and family for the entire year due to lockdowns and work from home.
– Getting an opportunity to visit my birthplace and hometown in Himachal Pradesh, India after almost 8 years. Meeting my grandmother, cousins and all the other relatives. Had a great time reuniting after so many years.
– Taking my professional career to new heights and working with amazing colleagues. Also getting a chance to lead the project as tech lead for a few months, training fresh grads and much more exciting stuff at so early stage of my career.
– Watching a lots of movies and TV. Especially the work of Alfred Hitchcock and some old school golden movies.
– Getting to write meaningful amount of code at work and off work.
– Lastly, in month of December switching to a dream job at one of my dream company ‘Amazon’ as a Devops Engineer. I couldn’t be more happy!

All in all, I see this year as a big win for me personally as well as professionally. Obviously there were ups and downs, but as I said before someone was always there to help me out. Rest I got it figured out luckily.

I’m excited for what next year beholds, and I hope god keeps blessings me with more success and wisdom.

Some resolutions for the next year –
1. Live
2. Try to do my best in new job
3. Cross 1200 rating in rapid chess
4. Read at least 5 non – fiction books
5. Aquire some non conventional skill
6. Stay healthy
7. Love and laugh more

Thank you for reading ❤️ I’d like to wish you happy New year fully loaded with happiness and success.

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3 A.M Talks

Lots of people around me are having tough times managing their emotional well-being. COVID-19 has really gotten on their nerves. There’s uncertainty everywhere.

Yeah, I know life may not seem wonderful right now, probably you’re having a tough week, having a nostalgic attack or going through really hard situation and just wishing to go back to normal days.

I’ll tell you my story. My workplace is just 200 KM from my parent’s home, still I was not able to go live with them due to the country wide lock-down that started on 24th March. I and my roommates were struck in our rented apartment without any prior experience of cooking or doing household chores. Our maid kind of abandoned us and fled to her town(I don’t know how). We were on our own.

Now the real fun began or I’ll say shit got real. I work in an IT firm, and hence our apartment became our virtual workplace. Working 8 hours remote shift + managing all the household chores like preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and what not made me realize the importance of a father’s hard-work at workplace, and a mother’s role and responsibility in handling the entire house. No wonder she’s called a house maker. My respect for them grew immensely, but most importantly I got to learn skills that I never thought I could ever acquire. I’ve lived 20 years of my life with my parents and it was just last year that stepped out of my comfortable home and moved out to a different city after I got my first job. I never really helped in any household work before; because honestly, no one asked me to do so. Believe me or not, all I could ever do in kitchen was boil some water or make a cup of tea. That’s it! I never even made instant noodles on my own.

But now after this lockdown phase, I think I’ve become good at so many things. I can cook! Yes, I can cook every popular Indian dish. I’ve learned all the household chores, and most importantly, I’ve understood values like having a positive outlook towards life, time management and the power of gratitude. I think these times have taught me many lessons for good, made me more responsible, independent and stronger Abhishek than before!

So guys, don’t worry. You should be happy having experienced these moments. Trust me, this is once in a lifetime thing and you’ll tell the tales of these times to your children or grandchildren in the future. Or maybe someday you’ll get to experience something like this again. Who knows? For now, let’s work ourselves out of this situation, alright? It will all go good, just have faith and don’t give up. We’ll come out stronger than ever after this all gets over.

Let’s just slide with destiny and try to live our lives with enthusiasm and determination or it will end too soon.

Stay safe and keep smiling😄

Hope is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops at all

-Emily Dickinson

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A Serene Night

The symphony has started
and the darkness does descend
the world succumbs to quietude
the day has reached its end

The nighttime woods are glittering
and offer up a show
a dazzling performance
by the fireflies, aglow

The river reeds are swirling
with the crescent moon’s glow
broken and shattered still
it rises up – nice and slow

The earth and the sky above
offers a spectacle, that lord sway
heart lays still
and all my troubles seem to fade away

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Keep Smiling



A smile costs nothing, however, gives much

It takes, however, a minute, yet its memory ordinarily keeps going forever.

None are rich to the point that can get along without it-

none are so poor that can be made rich by it.

It advances the individuals who get,

without making poor

the individuals who give-

It makes daylight in the home

It can heal a frozen heart

But it can’t be asked, obtained, or stolen,

for it is of no esteem,

Except if it is given away.

A few people are excessively caught up with,

making it impossible to give you a smile

Give them one of yours-

For the great Gods realizes that nobody needs a smile so badly

As he or she who has no more smiles left to give.