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A Question to live by

To my prudence, love, knowledge and glee.

We spent nights and days, talking endlessly,

Of sorrow, thoughts, books, future, reality,

So close we were but, we never knew why.

A sibling? Lover? Friend? Partner?

We dreamt of living, together and free,

Of doing everything, that we couldn’t complete.

But Alas! Life came, and tore us apart,

Made us, not one, but two hearts.

Never feeling the fact, I carried on.

Never knowing me full, it carried on.

I was never able, to show till now

How much I loved it, does it matter now?

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Memories of the Past

He’s in pain and a lot of stress

Disappointments seem to be smashing his chest

His believe is terrorized by hurricanes

There’s a void in his soul

He wishes to fill the gaps

But he’s about to collapse

He hopes someone would care

But in this world,

No one ever truly cares

When it hurts he find himself alone

Yes he’s feeling like an empty shell

His believe is frozen nearly to death

He’s not prepared and ready to fight

The lane is crowded with creeping shadows,

The last of the light is almost gone,

Darkness prevails in the tragic night

He wish to run away

away from his tears, fears and peers

But it isn’t as easy as it seems

There’s a heaven just in his daydreams

He knows to get away from his problems

must he never run away, but learn to endure.

He takes out his bike and goes for a ride

His heart beats the courage of the quest,

In a hope that road’s last turn will be the best.

But Alas!

The road’s last turn was a tragic end

He meets an accident and later bleeds to death

Because past memories are here to stay,

Untill they go black and fade away.