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Whoa, hold on a minute!

Life keeps passing us by

So learn to ride its highs

Don’t get hung up on its whoa’s

In this world of so many unknowns

Take it all in nice and slow

This makes it possible for us to grow

So your life will continue to flow

Like a moving picture show

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A Question to live by

To my prudence, love, knowledge and glee.

We spent nights and days, talking endlessly,

Of sorrow, thoughts, books, future, reality,

So close we were but, we never knew why.

A sibling? Lover? Friend? Partner?

We dreamt of living, together and free,

Of doing everything, that we couldn’t complete.

But Alas! Life came, and tore us apart,

Made us, not one, but two hearts.

Never feeling the fact, I carried on.

Never knowing me full, it carried on.

I was never able, to show till now

How much I loved it, does it matter now?

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Spending Saturdays

It’s Saturday morning,
I think I should go for a jog.
Except I’m a little bit tired,
so maybe I’ll just walk the dog.

But he seems too hyper for walking,
He looks kind of hard to control.
So maybe I’ll leave him at home,
and go for a leisurely stroll.

But all of my socks are too dirty,
and all of my shoes are untied.
So maybe I’ll sit on the front porch,
Or maybe I’ll just stay inside.

I see that my kitty is purring,
and wants to nestle up on my lap.
It wouldn’t be right to prevent her
from getting her afternoon nap.

It’s comfortable here on the sofa,
My pillows are cozy and deep.
The weather is just perfect,
For a pizza and some sound sleep.


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A long time ago in a land far, far away….

A drive

Racing my way down the luxuriant hill,
under the sun
I drive with joy, into the arms of the majestic one
Savoring the moment passing by …
I listen
The wind whispers — watching leaves as they glisten
What an enchanting view, so mesmerized …
I drive fast
A gentle breeze wraps its arms all over me, my hands still on the wheel.
The passion I feel you know what I mean
Winter’s adventure just begun
Intoxicated by the blossoms …
I keep on driving, in a silent shun
Dreaming and romancing with my latest love
Yes November! You’re the one.

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Your stillness is a burden
That lays heavy on my heart

It feels like we’re done
Though we didn’t even start

Every night I’d hold you
And thank the Gods above

For the chance we got to become us
And the feeling of your touch

It just keeps getting harder For you to hide from the truth

That each day that passes us by
Is just time that we both lose

Tell me that you love me
And that you run to hide the truth

You do it cause you have to
There’s no point you’re trying to prove

So Please lift the burden
Of our not knowing us

Let’s contemplate our mistake
Let’s break this silence or rather break up…