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A real life experience on superstition!

So this incident happened few days back and it has left traces of superstition in my mind.
I was reading late night when suddenly stray cats in the street started howling. Then after sometime dogs too started howling. I was distracted by the melancholy sound and moved out of my house to shoo away the dogs. But it was of no use. After I came inside the house , howling resumed again. I wasn’t really frightened but an eerie feeling was still there because I’ve heard the superstition that dog howling is a bad omen. With all these feeling racing in my mind , I decided to keep my books aside and grab some sleep.

Next morning I woke up and discussed the incident with my mom. She replied me with the same superstition ” Dog and cat howling are a sign of bad omen. Something bad is going to happen !” . I have sincere faith in God as well as science. But science doesn’t explain any kind of superstitions and condemn it’s existence. So I decided not to bother my mind with such vague superstition and left for my college. The day sailed well and I returned home in evening. By now I had completely forgotten the previous night incidents and sat to completed few college assignments before dinner. It was around 10’o clock when I started studying. When it was midnight the howling of dogs began again. I had completely forgotten the previous night events but now the thought came peeping again. I said to myself” What has happened to these dogs?Why are they behaving abnormally? ” That moment was tough to handle. I was dejected and all those bad superstitious thoughts came rushing in. Science don’t believe in superstition but my my mom’s words were still haunting my mind. I went for sleep with all those thoughts. it’s all rubbish and you should believe in science as it works on proofs and not on uncertainties and ambiguities.
The next morning something unexpected and yet expected happened. My mom came rushing to me and said ” Weren’t you telling me that there were dogs howling at night? Bad omen has came and took away the life of someone living in our neighbor. He was barely 35 years old.”
I was in awe that how could this happen. Was this all a coincidence? I went out to offer condolences to the family who was in grief after loosing their beloved family member. It was a moment of sorrow and everyone had that gloomy face. I really felt sorry for that family and then I heard people discussing ” This had to happen . Didn’t you heard the dogs howling from past few days”.
I came home and decided to search this issue on web. I found that this superstition exist in majority of countries and all of them have believe that dog howling is an omen of death and extreme misfortune. It’s impossible to trace this concept back to a single source, but different countries have similar believes,
but no scientific proof justifies this claim

I’m currently in dilemma. Whom should I trust ? Science or such superstitions?
I would really like to seek answer and if you are reading this , then I would like to hear your opinions and such experiences if any.