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For a Poem

I secretly sneaked into your closet
for a vowel, a consonant, a simile
for perfect syllables, apt images, to pen a poem

Ideas came overflowing
Words fell like cloudbursts
building lumps to phrases

Slowly pooling in my mind
Oceans and rivers began to form
surging and uprising
from finger tips to colossal domes
Flooding and drowning
everything in it’s wake

Then the touch of your curved lips
Unruffled my entire composition
It got molded deep
into the vault of your mouth

Now I can feel and hear my poem
In the sphere of your heaven

-It all looks so gorgeous.

121 thoughts on “For a Poem

      1. Hero? Sapne me hoge hero. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
        Hero jo bolte wo karte bhi hain. Tum toh ek promise bhi nai rakhte. ☺
        Excuse me? Photo maine poochhke hi li thi. So, It’s meraaa. Case karungi tumpe.

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